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    9:00 PM on 03.08.2012

    The Synthetic Orchestra makes beautiful VG arrangements

    Here's a guy I only learned about recently but now can't get enough of. British musician Blake Robinson has a little project called The Synthetic Orchestra, in which he creates orchestral compositions using various pieces of...

    Tony Ponce

    9:00 PM on 12.02.2011

    Modern Warfare 3, the BETTER version

    Did any of you guys see Be Kind Rewind? Beat Down Boogie, the wildcats behind Modern War Gear Solid, apparently did. The boys took a crack at a "sweded" Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, made even better with Ghost in the lead role and without all those fancy-shmancy CGI effects! Also, Dolphin Lundgren. Yes. Modern Warfare 3 Starring Ghost [YouTube]

    Tony Ponce

    1:20 PM on 12.17.2009

    For the casual gamer who has it all, Wii SUPREME

    Stuart Hughes, a company which apparently makes the most blingin' (blingest? blinginest?) tech accessories on the planet Earth, has transformed the most affordable console in this generation into the most expensive. Pictured ...

    Conrad Zimmerman

    6:00 AM on 11.14.2009

    Extremely lucky knife throw in Modern Warfare 2

    Remember when sticky grenade throws in Halo 3 were all the rage? Now it's knife throwing in Modern Warfare 2. Also, "THAT'S BULLSHIT!"

    Hamza CTZ Aziz

    10:20 AM on 11.13.2009

    This Metal Gear Rex figure is simply amazing

    Sister site Tomopop brings us word of a Metal Gear Solid Rex figure on the way from 3A toys. The photos come from a poster on Toyark and not much is known about the toy other than that it's bad ass looking. It's being specula...

    Hamza CTZ Aziz

    4:00 AM on 08.08.2009

    This kid is better at multitasking than you

    So how’s your night going? Good, eh? Well, prepared to have your night ruined, as you’re about to watch a kid (after the break) play Guitar Hero on expert AND solve two Rubik’s cubes at the same time. Julian...

    Hamza CTZ Aziz

    3:00 PM on 07.29.2009

    Halo Wars leaderboard reset following technical glitch

    Those of you who have spent every hour of your waking day climbing the Halo Wars leaderboard (although why you'd want to lay claim to such an honor is beyond me), then some absolutely devastating news might be headed your way...

    Jim Sterling

    10:30 PM on 07.20.2009

    Limited edition Brutal Legend figure is simply gorgeous

    Holy f**k! Look at this thing! LOOK AT IT! This Brütal Legend figure rocks! The Eddie Riggs figure was sculpted by Mark Newman, painted by Tom Vukmanic and is over 17 inches tall. It features Eddie getting ready to kill...

    Hamza CTZ Aziz

    3:00 AM on 05.18.2009

    The best Silent Hill Nurse cosplay ever

    Pyramid Head usually steals the show when it comes to Silent Hill cosplay. In this case however, the Nurse easily outshines Pyramid Head. The outfit, the veins, and the way the Nurse moves; all of it is beautifully captured b...

    Hamza CTZ Aziz

    3:20 PM on 04.15.2009

    Miles Edgeworth limited edition is pretty amazing

    Japan seriously gets the best limited edition sets ever. Case in point, the Miles Edgeworth: Perfect Prosecutor limited edition set looks simply amazing. The limited edition package is coming with all of this win:  ...

    Hamza CTZ Aziz

    3:14 AM on 11.20.2008

    Bike Hero: When bicycling and Guitar Hero come together

     I don't care if this is a viral ad. I don't care if this is all fancy computer effects. All I know is that this video is pure awesome.  That fact that a bike was used is very refreshing. Yes, I know that the b...

    Hamza CTZ Aziz

    1:25 AM on 06.05.2008

    The creepiest Silent Hill cosplay you will ever see

     My dear readers, I have a fetish. I thoroughly enjoy making you guys and gals look at things that simply make you go "what the f*ck" and make your brain feel like it's dividing by zero as it tries to process w...

    Hamza CTZ Aziz

    3:26 AM on 03.28.2008

    Take a look at Jetpack Brontosaurus in action

    Some new test footage of Jetpack Brontosaurus has been released. In this first video, it shows off how the Brontosaurus can fly around and land on the simple test level. From the new information, it looks like the game will ...

    Hamza CTZ Aziz

    6:19 PM on 03.24.2008

    Paul Robertson's Kings of Power 4 Billion % (may melt your eyeballs)

    It's out. It's finally out. After all this time, Paul Robertson's latest masterpiece has finally been released. I think I can die happy now. The planet has been invaded by shape shifting aliens and a group of people have take...

    Hamza CTZ Aziz

    5:12 PM on 02.13.2008

    ZOMG: From the makers of Velociraptor Safari comes Jetpack Brontosaurus

    There isn't really a damn thing to say here except that the folks at Flashbang Studios are f*cking geniuses. The only thing we know about Jetpack Brontosaurus is that you're a Brontosaurus that flies around with a Jetpack. Th...

    Hamza CTZ Aziz

    4:10 PM on 01.09.2008

    I Wanna Be The Guy: One of the hardest games you'll ever play

    Prepare to have your head asploded. I Wanna Be The Guy is a game like nothing you've ever played before. The game follows the quest of The Kid as he tries to become The Guy. He battles through insane modded levels from Mega ...

    Hamza CTZ Aziz