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    3:45 PM on 09.21.2012

    Friday Night Fights: (Almost) shot through the heart

    [Thanks to Swishiee for the header.] We've been posting a TON of Borderlands 2 stuff this week, so much so that some people have complained that it's been too much or even that we've somehow been bought off. But the truth of ...


    4:45 PM on 08.28.2007

    Possible PlayStation Phone?

    There's no denying that electronics giant Sony has the art of branding down pat. They're still using the name Walkman for various products after almost 30 years, and we still know what it means (for the most part). Now it loo...

    Dale North

    5:52 PM on 07.16.2007

    Silent Hill Arcade is like playing vomit

    I'm a big supporter of IPs staying true to their origins. Paul Anderson's vision of Resident Evil? Raul Julia's vision of M. Bison? Uwe Boll's vision of anything? As a devout gamer, I kinda take them personall...

    William Haley

    12:29 PM on 07.16.2007

    Nintendo goes NASCAR, gets a beer gut

    Believe it or not, Japanese gaming company Nintendo is the new sponsor of Greg Biffle's #16 Ford Fusion in this year's NASCAR events. Now, this is not a little sticker on the rear of the vehicle, either. The whole car...

    Dale North

    1:58 PM on 05.15.2007

    PlayStation 3 'too big' for the Japanese says Parappa creator

    Pretty much setting himself up for every Asian stereotype joke I can think of at the moment, Parappa the Rappa creator and NanaOn-Sha boss Masaya Matsuura says that the reason the PlayStation 3 is failing to catch on in Jap...

    Robert Summa

    1:11 PM on 04.23.2007

    The Destructoid battle card game

    Our forums are full of all kinds of little hidden treasures and the latest to pop up is an idea by our favorite British chick, Atheistium. In the thread, Ms. Atheistium proposes that Destructoid hop on the battle card bandwa...

    Robert Summa

    1:58 AM on 04.14.2007

    Hands on: Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition

    Capcom made it very clear that they are the company to watch this millennium. They even scorned the rest of the industry for not taking chances and simply relying on sequels to keep the money rolling in. It's extremely ir...

    William Haley