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Top Stories in Raven Software

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    New in Raven Software

    8:30 PM on 04.05.2013

    Boba Fett, Blood Dragon, and Battleblock Theater

    Hey gang! Unfortunately, we didn't do a live Destructoid Show today, but we still did one. And it's probably a little bit weird.  The big sad news is that Disney carried out Order 66 on LucasArts. Sadder still, Star War...

    Max Scoville

    8:30 AM on 04.04.2013

    Raven shares source code for Jedi Knight games

    In the wake of LucasArts' death at the hands of Disney, Raven Software and Activision have decided to release the source code for the Jedi Knight games -- Jedi Academy and Jedi Outcast.  "Raven is sad to hear about the c...

    Jim Sterling

    11:30 PM on 03.15.2012

    MW3 now getting 24 pieces of new content, possibly more

    Modern Warfare 3 was originally slated to get just 20 pieces of new downloadable content over the span of nine months. However, thanks to the way Elite has freed Raven Software, Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games from the t...

    Hamza CTZ Aziz

    12:30 PM on 10.24.2011

    Some things are just better in Japanese

    When I saw the above trailer crop up in my feeds this morning, the title was entirely in Japanese. Since I am barely capable of reading English with proficiency, I just went ahead and clicked anyway. And while I couldn't qui...

    Conrad Zimmerman

    3:20 PM on 01.20.2011

    Rumor: Sledgehammer, Raven working on Modern Warfare 3

    The LA Times reports that Sledgehammer Games and Raven Software are helping out what is left of Infinity Ward to get Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 ready for November 2011. According to its sources -- "people close to matter"...

    Maurice Tan