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    New in Portmanteau

    2:53 PM on 08.06.2007

    Portmanteau: Blizzcon recovery mode

    This is usually where I would write a couple of words and maybe draw some boobs, but why do something crazy like that when I can have someone else do it for me? That's why I'm letting last weeks winner, Blufire, take over for...

    William Haley

    6:16 PM on 07.30.2007

    WF Portmanteau: Attack the cosplayers' weak spot for massive damage

    Today's World Famous Portmanteau will be yet another experiment, as the "winner" will get to take over the feature this Friday while I play the booth babes and take pictures of the games at Blizzcon. The other difference is t...

    William Haley

    4:43 PM on 07.20.2007

    WF Portmanteau: Mi swaga es su swaga

    This E3 was a lot like the old E3's, except that it was totally freaking retarded and free stuff was hard as hell to come by. Luckily, my supposed Jewish ancestry gives me a heightened ability to gather mass amounts of swag, ...

    William Haley

    8:01 PM on 06.03.2007

    WF Portmanteau: Use your intelleegince to win free shizzle

    Last week's world famous portmanteau beta started off rocky but you all got the hang of it pretty quickly. So now it’s time for Round 2, this time with the prizes I promised. Also, just like in real life I am hoping there will be less crying and more bewbs, but only you can make that happen.

    William Haley

    12:01 AM on 05.23.2007

    World Famous Portmanteau: Beta Edition

    If you're anything like the millions of other people surfing the Web right now, then you're probably always on the lookout for new and interesting ways to waste your life away behind a keyboard. As always, Destructoid is here...

    William Haley