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    New in PBC Productions

    6:27 PM on 08.04.2007

    Charles Dickens, eat your heart out: Captain S and AVGN save Xmas

    As you watch the above video -- a collaboration between PBC Productions and the Angry Video Game Nerd -- I want you all to keep one thought in mind: today's date is August 4th.[Updated in a non-Quicktime flavor] 

    Earnest Cavalli

    2:51 AM on 06.15.2007

    Gamers Unite part 2: Live Free or ... what a lame header ... just watch the clip

    A few days back, we brought you the initial episode of Gamers Unite, a documentary chronicling reaction to the negative media stereotyping by those afflicted with the stigma, the gamers themselves. Today, I bring you the j...

    Earnest Cavalli

    8:44 AM on 06.14.2007

    Gamers Unite; surprisingly good, and completely sans Michael Moore

    Speaking as someone who once dated a girl who took two semesters of film, documentary film-making is the single most boring job an auteur can take on. It's almost impossible to make a modern audience care about any subj...

    Earnest Cavalli