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    New in OverClocked ReMix

    1:30 PM on 12.12.2014

    OC ReMix celebrates turning 15 with, yep, you guessed it

    OverClocked ReMix has given us a ton of amazing remixes over the years. Longer than I realize, sometimes -- the game music community celebrated its 15th anniversary this week. Crazy. For the big one-five, the site has release...

    Jordan Devore

    10:30 AM on 12.09.2014

    Grab some free tunes from the Dungeonmans soundtrack

    I spent a lot of time listening to Hitoshi Sakimoto's work with the soundtrack for Final Fantasy Tactics. Heck, it is still in my rotation for background music during board game nights. From the sound of it, Andrew "zircon" A...

    Darren Nakamura

    1:00 PM on 08.25.2014

    Mega Mensch 'Mohel Man'

    This brilliant piece comes from long-time friend Jake Kaufman, composer on tons of videogames including Shantae, Ducktales: Remastered, Boot Hill Heroes, Contra 4, and many more. His music is incredible. He's a dear friend, ...

    Dale North

    1:15 PM on 07.31.2014

    Celebrate the Game Boy's 25th birthday with this free OC ReMix album

    25 years ago, the Game Boy launched in North America. Do you still have yours? The folks at OverClocked ReMix have put together a celebratory arrangement album, Legacy: Game Boy 25th Anniversary, featuring 15 songs from game...

    Jordan Devore

    4:45 PM on 02.20.2014

    OC ReMix dedicates this to all the Cids in the audience

    The maestros at OverClocked ReMix are at it once again, taking cherished videogame music and creating new pieces with it. Though OC ReMix has taken on Final Fantasy previously, most of those works were centered around a parti...

    Darren Nakamura

    9:00 AM on 01.23.2014

    OC Remix launches new label OverClocked Records

    You know about OverClocked ReMix, right? It's that awesome site that you go to for quality videogame remixes. Yours truly has been a proud member for almost 15 years now, so I'm kind of proud of their launch of OverClocked Re...

    Dale North

    5:00 AM on 10.31.2013

    OverClocked ReMix releases official Mega Man album

    OverClocked ReMix has already made it big in our books, contributing to the Video Games Live concert series and creating the soundtrack for Capcom's Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix. On that latter front, OCR has t...

    Jayson Napolitano

    11:00 PM on 10.03.2013

    OC ReMix is back with BadAss: Boss Themes: Volume II

    A follow-up album to 2011's BadAss: Boss Themes by OC ReMix has landed, and it's just the continuation of that concept I was hoping for. And by that I mean it's got an arrangement of the incredible Baby Bowser theme that pla...

    Jordan Devore

    3:00 PM on 09.14.2013

    Celebrate 20 years of Gunstar Heroes with OC ReMix

    Treasure knows how to make some f*ckin' games. That's an undisputed fact. And one of the best Treasure games is of course Gunstar Heroes on SEGA Genesis. Did you know it just celebrated its 20th anniversary this past Monday?...

    Tony Ponce

    3:00 PM on 08.25.2013

    Pokemon: The Eevee EP pleases Charles Darwin

    Did you know that Charles Darwin's theory of evolution was first published on August 20, 1858? OverClocked ReMix knew, which is why the music arrangement clan celebrated the monumental scientific event by releasing Pok&eacut...

    Tony Ponce

    6:00 PM on 07.02.2013

    Balance and Ruin: FFVI OC ReMix is out now

    It's been a bit of a bumpy ride for the Final Fantasy VI OverClocked ReMix. After easily reaching its Kickstarter funding goal a year ago, the project was scrapped due to copyright issues, but was then back on later in the y...

    Darren Nakamura

    1:00 PM on 03.19.2013

    Deus Ex: Sonic Augmentation out today

    While Eidos Montreal has had a secret Deus Ex project in the works, it's not a new game. The studio has teamed up with OverClocked ReMix and the composer of the original Deus Ex, Alexander Brandon, to craft eight re...

    Jayson Napolitano

    9:30 PM on 03.11.2013

    Get milky with OC ReMix's Kirby Super Star album

    How can I help you, King DeDeDe?I NEED A MONSTAH TO CLOBBER DAT DERE KIR-BEH! Game music arrangement repository OverClocked ReMix has released Milky Way Wishes: A Kirby Super Star Tribute, a project that has spent a dizzying...

    Tony Ponce

    3:00 PM on 02.04.2013

    Exclusive: Final Fantasy VI Balance and Ruin preview

    Balance and Ruin, a massive remix project by the good folks over at OverClocked ReMix , quickly blew past it’s Kickstarter funding goal, but then there was a snag: yes, those pesky copyright issues. Now all of that has ...

    Jayson Napolitano

    3:00 PM on 01.12.2013

    OC ReMix arranges the games of the Apex 2013 tourneys

    Running all weekend at Rutgers in New Brunswick, New Jersey, is the Apex 2013 fighting tournament. To promote the event as well as game arrangements in general, ten artists from OverClocked ReMix took a shot at arranging the ...

    Tony Ponce

    6:45 PM on 12.03.2012

    Double the Trouble! OC ReMix's massive DKC3 album

    I remember when OverClocked ReMix started producing full arrange albums nearly a decade ago. The second official release was 2004's Kong in Concert, a tribute to the SNES classic Donkey Kong Country. It clearly shows it's ag...

    Tony Ponce

    7:30 PM on 10.19.2012

    Indie game Impulse gets OST release via OC ReMix

    Earlier this year, indie developer Deck16 released a very simple yet challenging physics-based PC game called Impulse. Combining the neon explosion of Geometry Wars, the careful precision of Lunar Lander, and the diabolical d...

    Tony Ponce

    11:30 PM on 09.25.2012

    OC ReMix's FF6 Kickstarter brought back from the grave

    We didn't report on it originally because we didn't want to jump the gun on any new developments, but OverClocked ReMix's Final Fantasy VI album Kickstarter was shut down a while back, way after it had blown past its target g...

    Tony Ponce

    2:00 AM on 07.19.2012

    Get some FF7 with your FF6 OverClocked ReMix album

    Tony let us all know last week that OverClocked ReMix had blown past its goal of raising $15,000 via its first Kickstarter project of fund a Final Fantasy VI tribute album titled Balance and Ruin. Since that time, however, Da...

    Jayson Napolitano

    8:00 PM on 07.10.2012

    OC ReMix smokes past Kickstarter goal for its FF6 album

    OverClocked ReMix recently released Final Fantasy: Random Encounter to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the franchise, but the party doesn't stop there! The team is prepping a massive four-disc Final Fantasy VI tribute albu...

    Tony Ponce

    2:00 AM on 06.18.2012

    Some original Final Fantasy lovin' coming via OC ReMix

    This year marks 25 years of Final Fantasy, and the folks over at OverClocked ReMix have a special treat prepared for fans. As a joint venture between OverClocked ReMix artists and The Shizz, Final Fantasy: Random Encounter w...

    Jayson Napolitano

    11:45 AM on 06.12.2012

    Shenmue Tomato Convenience Store theme gets an overhaul

    Do you remember the Tomato Convenience Store jingle from the Shenmue games on Sega Dreamcast? Of course you do, as it's impossible to forget the song. If you're anything like me, you spent most of the game just standing in o...

    Dale North

    7:30 PM on 04.25.2012

    'Take flight' with OC ReMix's new Pilotwings album

    After the explosion of industrial manliness that was Mega Man X: Maverick Rising, it would stand to reason that the musicians of the OverClocked ReMix collective would be pretty damn tired. Time to enjoy some much-needed R&am...

    Tony Ponce

    5:00 PM on 04.01.2012

    OverClocked ReMix prank brings the gift of Space Jam

    Those vocal arrangements on OverClocked ReMix... those are what everybody loves, right? Of course! Whenever there is a new album, the vocal releases always receive the highest praise! OCR heard your pleas and decided to reco...

    Tony Ponce

    2:30 PM on 03.14.2012

    Sigma destroyed! Go grab Maverick Rising from OC ReMix!

    The OverClocked ReMix Facebook page got its 27k "Likes"! Sigma has been vanquished and the Mega Man X tribute compilation Maverick Rising has been released! Go download it now! Just as a reminder, the album is five discs, 62...

    Tony Ponce

    1:00 AM on 03.14.2012

    Save the music! Stop Sigma now!

    [Update: The target has been reached! The album is now available here!] Years in the making, OverClocked ReMix's massive Mega Man X project, Maverick Rising, is just around the corner. I've been waiting for this mother like y...

    Tony Ponce

    10:30 AM on 01.25.2012

    'Legal'sounds illegally selling OC ReMix albums and more

    It's a good thing the government shut down Megaupload. With those crooks out of business, content creators can finally earn money for their hard work. People should be paying for their digital goods on a site like Legalsounds...

    Tony Ponce

    10:00 PM on 01.24.2012

    First OC ReMix album of 2012 shows love to unsung RPGs

    OverClocked ReMix has officially rung in the new year with it's first album of 2012. Titled Unsung Heroes, it is a celebration of many classic RPGs that, though beloved, are rarely sourced for fan-made musical tributes. The ...

    Tony Ponce

    6:30 PM on 12.21.2011

    OCReMix's ARMed and DANGerous is a 4-hour Wild Arms album

    Sonuva... relax, OverClocked ReMix! This is your third album in a 30-day period! Do you guys need a cold shower? A punching bag to let out all that surplus energy? Seriously, you guys need to get a grip! The guys who never k...

    Tony Ponce

    11:00 PM on 12.11.2011

    BadAss: Newest OC ReMix album celebrates villainy

    Wow! OC ReMix had just recently given us the Zelda anniversary album 25YEARLEGEND, and already the next album is out the door! Those guys are spoiling us with all this free music. David "The Joker" Puga, known here on Dtoid ...

    Tony Ponce

    7:30 PM on 11.23.2011

    25YEARLEGEND: Indie game composers take on Zelda

    The Zelda anniversary train keeps on a-rollin', this time with a gift care of OverClocked ReMix. 25YEARLEGEND is a particularly special album of Zelda arrangements in that each contributing artist is a notable composer from ...

    Tony Ponce

    7:15 PM on 10.10.2011

    New remix album: Super Dodge Ball: Around the World

    My friends over at OverClocked Remix have launched their latest project, Super Dodge Ball: Around the World. Around the World is the 28th album published by the game music community. It arranges music from Super Do...

    Dale North

    4:30 PM on 09.11.2011

    OC ReMix gets equipped with a Mega Man 9 arrange album

    Mega Man 9? Don't they mean 10? You see, this project began in 2009 but faced many development setbacks that pushed its release way back, giving Capcom plenty of time to announce and release yet another sequel. Nonetheless, ...

    Tony Ponce

    12:20 PM on 07.06.2011

    OverClocked Remix album NiGHTS: Lucid Dreaming

    As a loyal Sega kid I still have a place in my heart for NiGHTS. The Sega Saturn game had such an impact on me. And the music! I still love the music. I play the game's vocal song, "Dreams, Dreams," on the piano almost eve...

    Dale North

    9:00 PM on 07.18.2009

    Final Fantasy IV remix album released by OverClocked ReMix

    I’m sure many of you were justifiably bummed when this week’s RetroforceGO! was canceled. Well, OverClocked ReMix has swooped in to rescue all you lonely retro fans -- and people who were just in the mood for some...

    Justin Villasenor