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    New in NeoGeo

    6:00 AM on 01.11.2014

    Neo Geo X maker calls SNK Playmore a bully

    Tommo is continuing its fight with SNK Playmore over the right to sell the Neo Geo X Gold. The company alleges SNK has asked a number of Tommo's retail and distribution partners to stop selling the retro console and supportin...

    Kyle MacGregor

    3:00 PM on 06.29.2013

    Samurai Shodown 2 now available on iOS and Android

    Good news all you finger-slashing, touchscreen gamers! SNK Playmore has dropped the NEOGEO classic, Samurai Shodown 2, onto iOS and Android compatible devices this week.  Touted as a "perfect port" the weapon-based figh...

    Wesley Ruscher

    5:00 PM on 05.25.2013

    NEOGEO X getting a 15-game 'Mega Pack' collection

    The NEOGEO X is a curious piece of hardware. On one hand, it's a bit pricey for what it offers, especially considering that you can't pop in actual NEOGEO AES cartridges. On the other hand, goddamn, is it a sexy-looking piece...

    Tony Ponce

    4:30 PM on 05.02.2013

    Mario invades the world of Metal Slug, chaos ensues

    With the growing trend of videogame crossovers by fans, it was only a matter of time before Super Mario World mashed with Metal Slug. Restylzed in Metal Slug's Neo-Geo asthetic, Mario roams the recognizable levels of the arc...

    Allistair Pinsof

    8:00 PM on 02.21.2013

    Metal Slug 2 and 14 other games coming to NEOGEO X GOLD

    After a "successful launch" in December, the NEOGEO X GOLD will see further support from Tommo with 15 additional games scheduled to arrive later this April. Available at retail and elsewhere, NEOGEO X Classics: Volume I will...

    Jordan Devore

    10:45 AM on 02.12.2013

    Neo XYX is a shoot 'em up for the Neo-Geo and Dreamcast

    I'm glad that I kept my Dreamcast, because the games slowly but surely keep on coming. The newest project is shoot 'em up Neo XYX by the NG: Dev. Team. It looks and sounds great so far based on the trailer, and the cherry on...

    Chris Carter

    4:30 PM on 12.17.2012

    NEOGEO X Gold system available online starting this week

    Tommo's NEOGEO X Gold Limited Edition gaming system will be available for purchase online from retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and GameStop in North America and Europe starting tomorrow, December 18. At $199.99, the package ...

    Jordan Devore

    11:00 AM on 12.04.2012

    NEOGEO X GOLD Limited Edition: rebirth of a legend

    I don't know why I want this NEOGEO X GOLD system, but I do. I'm sure I have all these games in multiple forms on other systems. This handheld comes with 20 games, which would be pretty cool on its own, but the dock and the ...

    Dale North

    12:00 PM on 10.22.2012

    NEOGEO X GOLD Limited Edition entertainment system

    SNK Playmore and Tommo have partnered up to bring retro-crazed fans this NeoGeo X Gold Limited Edition entertainment system. The handheld system is already pre-loaded with 20 classic NeoGeo games, but those that reserve this ...

    Dale North

    12:00 PM on 08.13.2012

    Handheld Neo Geo due out this December, won't be cheap

    The Neo Geo X handheld we heard about earlier this year will see a worldwide release on December 6, 2012, Tommo Inc. has revealed today. Priced at $199.99, you'll be thankful to know that it isn't merely a portable system; th...

    Jordan Devore

    10:30 PM on 07.26.2012

    SNK's handsome shooter Blazing Star out for iOS, Android

    Do you want a pretty nice looking shooter for your mobile device? SNK Playmore has you covered with the release of a Neo-Geo favorite, Blazing Star. The iOS and Android versions feature a retro perfect Arcade Mode for those t...

    Dale North

    10:45 AM on 03.16.2012

    That 'fake' Neo Geo portable is real, ships Q2

    Not to call you all out, beloved readers, but many of you called that really slick Neo Geo handheld fake when we told you about it earlier this year. To be fair, the images we had looked pretty janky, but even then I would ha...

    Dale North

    2:15 PM on 01.26.2012

    Check out this slick new Neo Geo portable

    The Neo Geo lives on in this new portable system. Yes, new. It's not quite confirmed yet, but the reveal from Japanese blog Famicom Plaza has some solid sounding details. They say that this is a licensed handheld that co...

    Dale North

    11:15 AM on 11.22.2011

    Beautiful wooden Neo Geo and new sticks give me wood

    Analogue Interactive has taken something timeless and made it even more timeless. Their custom Neo Geo systems (made with an original SNK Neo Geo MV-1C motherboard) are made from either walnut or ebonized ash. Wood,...

    Dale North

    7:00 PM on 10.25.2011

    GunLord coming to Dreamcast and Neo Geo

    Despite the fact that the Dreamcast and Neo Geo are essentially dead, owners of the classic consoles can look forward to a brand new title -- GunLord. It's a Euro-style platformer reminiscent of classics like Turrican. It fo...

    Fraser Brown

    3:45 PM on 10.11.2011

    Two more NEOGEO classics: Metal Slug 2, KOF '96

    SNK Playmore keeps adding more NEOGEO classics to the line-up. Toda they send word that Metal Slug 2 and King of Fighters '96 will be added this week. This, the fourth set in this series of offerings, should be up on the Play...

    Dale North