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    New in NOT video games related

    11:15 AM on 02.20.2015

    Not pictured: Videogames

    In the golden days of videogames blogging, when there was no juicy AAA videogame news a publisher in my shoes would have an arsenal of timeless features to forage the drought. With mobile game sales crushing console sales and...

    Papa Niero

    1:00 AM on 03.11.2014

    The man behind Lamar from GTA V to become Black Jesus

    This is TOTALLY barely even videogame related at all but I still wanted to write about it because Lamar from Grand Theft Auto V was one of my favorite characters from a videogame last year. So I'm happy to see Gerald "Slink"...

    Hamza CTZ Aziz

    6:00 PM on 11.04.2011

    Mr. Destructoid blowin' minds across the tri-state area

    Destructoid community's own Adam Bittel a.k.a. Johnny Luchador is a man of the people. You see him mingling it up on, and now here he is on the local news, rockin' the Mr. Destructoid luchador mask and melting face...

    Tony Ponce