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Top Stories in NHL

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    New in NHL

    2:15 PM on 08.26.2014

    NHL 15 demo is up on PS4 and Xbox One

    You can play as either the New York Rangers or LA Kings, test out that new skill stick they're flaunting, or go into a free skate practice mode if you're new. 

    Steven Hansen

    1:00 AM on 07.24.2014

    NHL 15 flaunts its alliteration with the Superstar Skill Stick

    Slapshots from the point, cheeky tip-ins, and wristers through traffic are all perfectly fine, but when you play an NHL game, you want to embarrass your opponent. You want them going to get their jock out of the rafters...

    Brett Makedonski

    11:00 AM on 07.18.2014

    Pucks and players are more chaotic in NHL 15

    About a month ago, I explained how EA Sports' big focus for NHL 15 was physics. In the event that you didn't believe me (or hate reading), this video adequately sums up the studio's intentions. Watch it to learn how pucks bounce or to see Matt Duchene crash the net like a total badass.

    Brett Makedonski

    7:14 PM on 06.24.2014

    Boston Bruins' Patrice Bergeron to grace the cover of NHL 15

    [Update: EA Sports has sent along the cover art, which can be seen below.] At tonight's 2014 NHL Awards in Las Vegas, the winner of the NHL 15 cover was revealed. The athletes went through a fan voting process, begi...

    Brett Makedonski

    3:00 PM on 06.09.2014

    EA Sports has one big focus for Madden, FIFA, and NHL this year

    EA Sports is in a good position with its athletic franchises. The demand for annual iterations in each series is high enough to warrant frequent releases, but sports don't really change. This allows the developers to focus on...

    Brett Makedonski

    2:45 PM on 06.02.2014

    First NHL 15 screen isn't of an Avalanche player like it should be

    EA Sports has released the first screenshot for NHL 15, and it features San Jose captain Joe Thornton rocking an unimpressive beard, because they're the Sharks and their long list of playoff flameouts disappoint in both the c...

    Brett Makedonski

    10:30 PM on 07.11.2013

    EA brings NHL '94 Anniversary Mode to NHL 14

    Hockey and non-hockey fans alike might remember the iconic NHL '94, the first NHL game to feature actual NHL rosters, teams, and logos. It also removed fighting and blood per league concerns. True to its era, NHL '94 offered...

    Steven Hansen

    10:10 PM on 06.13.2013

    NHL 14 fight system revamped, collision physics happening

    One of the weird things about NHL 13 was its newly implemented first-person fighting system. Well, that system is getting removed because it takes the player too much out of the game. In its stead, some of the tech from EA's...

    Steven Hansen

    8:00 PM on 02.11.2013

    Closure free on PS Plus tomorrow, Critter Crunch $1.40

    There's one deal on PlayStation Plus this week that just seems too good to pass up. Starting tomorrow, Critter Crunch will be available for only $1.40. At that price there's almost no excuse not to be regurgitating color...

    Kyle MacGregor

    5:00 PM on 10.10.2012

    Review: NHL 13

    It would be facile to say NHL 12 just skated by, sticking to the winning formula established in franchise’s resurgence. Still, as is occasionally the case with sports games that don’t need radical fixing, last yea...

    Steven Hansen

    2:30 PM on 06.11.2012

    Preview: NHL 13

    EA’s NHL series has been pretty damn great for a while now, and the latest entry in the franchise shows no signs of mucking up its track record. The team is sticking to making great hockey games. No plans to just skate ...

    Steven Hansen

    8:00 PM on 05.28.2012

    EA highlights NHL 13's True Performance Skating system

    The NHL franchise has always done well, but some fans still feel that it's getting a bit stagnant as of late. With this next iteration in the series, EA looks to introduce a few new enhancements that should change ...

    Jason Cabral

    10:30 AM on 05.18.2012

    NHL 13 announced, will deliver new AI and skating physics

    [Update: You can now watch the debut trailer, which focuses on True Performance Skating.]EA Sports has officially announced NHL 13, this year's iteration of its critically acclaimed hockey series. After releasing two teaser ...

    Samit Sarkar

    7:30 PM on 03.29.2012

    EA Sports opens up NHL 13 cover to 60-player fan vote

    EA Sports' Madden cover fan vote has been a massive marketing success, and this year, the publisher is trying to engage hockey fans in the same way by letting them choose the NHL 13 cover athlete. The voting is open right no...

    Samit Sarkar

    10:30 PM on 08.09.2011

    NHL 12: They're Coming

    EA Sports would just like to let you know that NHL 12 is, in fact, coming.

    Liam Fisher

    7:00 PM on 07.25.2011

    EA infuses magic into NHL 12's AI to anticipate your move

    To say the last few installments of the NHL series are pretty good is an understatement. Every year EA Canada comes up with great ideas on how to improve their amazing line of hockey games.  This year is no different as...

    Brett Zeidler