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    New in Moon

    8:30 PM on 11.03.2014

    Moon Chronicles might be on its way to Wii U

    Moon Chronicles is coming to Wii U. Maybe. It's pending a Kickstarter campaign -- one that hasn't happened yet. Renegade Kid wants you to do stuff on Twitter first. The first-person shooter sort of launched on Nintendo ...

    Kyle MacGregor

    2:00 PM on 05.19.2014

    Review: Moon Chronicles: Episode 1

    Five years ago, a little game by the name of Moon launched on the Nintendo DS. Being a competent first-person shooter on a portable platform, it was something of a curiosity. Studios seldom attempt the genre on handhelds, and...

    Kyle MacGregor

    12:30 PM on 05.09.2014

    Moon Chronicles lands on Nintendo 3DS eShop next week

    Nintendo 3DS first-person shooter Moon Chronicles is blasting off on May 15, Renegade Kid announced today. The first four chapters of the remastered Nintendo DS game will be available to download starting next week ...

    Kyle MacGregor

    8:00 AM on 01.25.2014

    Renegade Kid shooter Moon Chronicles announced for 3DS

    Mutant Mudds studio Renegade Kid has announced Moon Chronicles, a remake of the 2009 Nintendo DS first-person shooter Moon, for release on 3DS this spring. The remastered sci-fi adventure will follow an episodic structure thi...

    Kyle MacGregor