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    New in Mii

    4:00 PM on 03.27.2015

    Which of these looks most like Mii?

    There are a lot of weird quirks brought about by existence. One of them is that we all exist in varying relationship to other people, particularly larger than life figures. But larger than life figures aren't even exempt. As ...

    Steven Hansen

    11:30 PM on 05.28.2014

    Gary Busey and Chewbacca make for amazing Miis

    You ever see something that's so simple, yet so perfect? Like a Gordon Ramsey dish that uses just five ingredients, and only takes 30 minutes to make. Vinesauce is giving you just that with their Sh*tty Mii creation, whereby Vinny takes a picture of celebrities with the Wii U GamePad, and lets the Mii creator do the rest. It's as perfectly horrible as it sounds.

    Abel Girmay

    12:30 PM on 02.19.2014

    The Wii U just got a small Miiverse update

    The Wii U's Miiverse is making minor updates all the time, and this week, it's getting a few more tweaks. Firstly, you can now follow or unfollow users directly, rather than opening up their profile in a two-step process. Nul...

    Chris Carter

    4:45 PM on 06.18.2013

    3DS gets backup save feature, more StreetPass games

    In addition to a feature allowing users to back up their save data for downloadable 3DS games and most Virtual Console titles, Nintendo's newest 3DS firmware update has added premium StreetPass games. Look for all four of th...

    Jordan Devore

    8:00 AM on 11.19.2012

    Wii U user accidentally 'hacks' Miiverse for a minute

    NeoGAF member Trike managed to accidentally "hack" Miiverse yesterday while dicking around with his Wii U GamePad, stumbling onto a weird little debug menu and temporarily going drunk with power before losing his golden touch...

    Jim Sterling

    11:50 PM on 11.17.2012

    How moderated is Miiverse? It's a police state! (Update)

    [Update: It seems Nintendo has given the deleted post in question further review and decided that it was okay.  "We have checked the reported content and determined that it is not in violation of the Miiverse Code of Con...

    Jim Sterling

    2:00 AM on 11.14.2012

    IT'S NOT A COOKIE!!! Wii U's Nintendo Network explained

    Ooooh, you wascally wabbit! Always with those secwet Nintendo Diwects! Nintendo of America translator Bill Trinen takes center stage to explain the console's online capabilities. You've likely heard most of this info previou...

    Tony Ponce

    8:00 AM on 06.29.2012

    Nintendo: Wii U online will be free, no subscriptions

    Microsoft may have pioneered the "charge gamers for things that should be free" scheme, but none of the other platform holders have taken to the idea. As Nintendo prepares to meet Sony and Microsoft head-on with the Wii U, it...

    Jim Sterling

    3:45 PM on 03.27.2012

    3DS is one year old! Get your gold-pants Reggie Mii now!

    One year ago today, the Nintendo 3DS was launched in North America. After a rocky start, the system picked up some steam. To celebrate its rough beginnings and rosy future, the OFFICIAL Nintendo of America Reggie Fils-Aime Mi...

    Tony Ponce

    10:00 AM on 08.05.2011

    3DS Mii Plaza getting updated with new features

    Nintendo president-face Satoru Iwata has stated that the 3DS Mii Plaza will be updated with fresh features by the end of the year. By that, I hope he doesn't mean, "There will be more Mario hats." The Mii Plaza is currently h...

    Jim Sterling

    12:40 PM on 03.08.2011

    See what happens when you complete a Mii Plaza panel

    I've been Street Pass-ing it up this week with my Nintendo 3DS. You'll see in the above video that I've just hit 70 Miis in my Mii Plaza. Hell yes. While I haven't fared as well in Street Pass Quest, I've done quite well i...

    Dale North

    7:36 AM on 03.06.2011

    Gallery: Large 3DS Mii trade gathering in Akihabara

    Today in Tokyo's Akihabara geek district, in front of the massive Akiba Yodobashi department store, several 3DS owners gathered and quietly their new game system with others, Wireless Mode On. Many gamers, myself included, al...

    Dale North

    5:00 PM on 02.27.2011

    Miyamoto wants Mii avatars to take over the world

    Nintendo designer Shigeru Miyamoto has stated that he wants Mii characters to become the global standard for avatar creation and find their way into everything like some terrible, adorable disease.  “Simply put, I ...

    Jim Sterling

    6:00 PM on 02.26.2011

    3DS: Make your Mii walk around on your desk

    Through the magic of Augmented Reality you can make your 3DS Mii walk around your IRL environment. The pre-installed feature (I wouldn't call it a game) lets you move your Mii around, pose it and then take a 3D pictur...

    Dale North

    7:15 AM on 02.26.2011

    3DS: Automatic Mii Maker has different plans for my face

    With the 3DS you can either manually create your Mii or have the system generate it for you using the camera. It'll take a picture of your face and then crank out a Mii that looks like you. Right. In the video above you'll...

    Dale North

    4:30 AM on 09.29.2010

    Nintendo's Miis going handheld in a big way on 3DS

    Nintendo has had a lot of success with their cartoonish Mii characters, using them to worm their way into the hearts of families worldwide. Soon, the Mii won't be exclusive to the home console, as Nintendo has big plans to br...

    Conrad Zimmerman