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    10:00 AM on 01.31.2015

    Remembering kitty0706

    [Dtoid community blogger SeymourDuncan17 remembers a pioneer in the machinima scene. Rest in peace, Kitty. --Mr Andy Dixon] [Image credit: SpikyMilkshake] This has been the hardest blog for me to write. Even though I hav...


    5:17 PM on 03.12.2007

    New screenshots of the ugly Jericho guy

    Here come five new Jericho screenshots of that creepy-looking tortured angry vegan fellow. While everyone looking forward to Clive's latest game appreciates the update, we kinda have to scratch our heads on this update. W...

    Papa Niero

    6:48 PM on 01.20.2007

    Setting up a PS2 memory card on a PS3 and other rocket sciences explained

    For once in my life, I actually attempted to read the the (f**king) manual that came with the PS3's first party MagicGate (PS2) memory card adapter and like Johnnie Cochran's Chewbacca defense, it did not make sense....

    Papa Niero

    3:08 PM on 01.05.2007

    Young boy dies from Gameboy charger

    A 7-year-old boy, Connor O’Keefe was recently electrocuted by his Nintendo Gameboy charger while on vacation with his family in Thailand. The system had been bought for the boy in Thailand as a Christmas present. ...


    8:40 PM on 01.02.2007

    The glory days of G4TV remembered

    Ask any gamer that watched G4TV before 2005 about the state of the station's programming now and expect him to spit on the ground, set a picture of Kevin Pereira on fire, and then curl up in ball to cry about the good ...