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    10:00 AM on 12.03.2012

    Inafune's Soul Sacrifice has been dated in Japan

    Inafune has been hard at work priming his latest game for the PlayStation Vita, Soul Sacrifice. Billed as an action RPG, the four player coop game is ready to launch on March 7, 2013. Soul Sacrifice will launch with both a st...

    Chris Carter

    1:30 PM on 11.04.2012

    First look at Muramasa: The Demon Blade for PS Vita

    The Vita seems like its becoming something of a home for underappreciated Wii games. That is, atleast is Marvelous is any indicator. The company recently teamed with Konami to bring New Little King's Story to Sony's double-br...

    Kyle MacGregor

    10:45 AM on 11.01.2012

    Marvelous AQL sued for hostile takeover attempt

    Checkpoint, an independent game studio, has filed suit against Marvelous AQL, saying that the Japanese company tried to take their studio over to get out of a $2.5 million payment. The complaint says that Marvelous paid Check...

    Dale North