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    New in LovePlus

    10:00 PM on 02.17.2013

    Collect women and save Japan from giant pudding

    Konami has unleashed the latest project from the team at Love Plus Production upon the world. Fu-Un! Nadeshiko Collection launched back on Thursday via Japanese social networking service GREE and it looks...

    Kyle MacGregor

    1:00 PM on 12.08.2011

    Konami's life-sized LovePlus calendars are $100+ each

    First, some LovePlus defense. Look, it's fun. And you don't have to be ronery to enjoy Konami's girlfriend sim. Aside from the whole being real thing, these virtual girls are a good time. They aim only to please, and are a re...

    Dale North

    10:00 AM on 08.24.2011

    LovePlus to get 3 new 3DS bundles

    Love you some digital ladies? Then you'll really like these upcoming 3DS bundles. Konami says that 3 limited edition New LovePlus Nintendo 3DS models are on the way. Expect to see New Manaka Deluxe, New Nene Deluxe, and New R...

    Dale North