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    New in Legacy of Kain

    7:00 PM on 02.07.2015

    Raid Square Enix's tomb with this weekend's Steam sale

    This weekend's Square Enix Publisher Weekend sale has some ridiculous deals. Some of my childhood favorites that I didn't even know made it to PC are on there, including the whole Legacy of Kain series. Here's some of the hig...

    Jason Faulkner

    10:30 AM on 01.15.2015

    Nosgoth, that Legacy of Kain arena game, hits open beta this month

    During my time with Nosgoth I found it to be a middling Legacy of Kain game, but a decent arena romp. More gamers are going to get the chance to check it out starting January 21, since that's when the open beta star...

    Chris Carter

    5:00 PM on 12.19.2014

    We've got closed beta keys for Square Enix's Nosgoth!

    Destructoid is giving away a bunch of Nosgoth closed beta keys! Nosgoth is a free-to-play multiplayer experience set in the Legacy of Kain universe, involving humans and vampires locked in a bloody struggle against one anothe...


    2:30 PM on 08.06.2014

    Nosgoth, Legacy of Kain spin-off, launches open beta this winter

    Psyonix's team-based competitive multiplayer game Nosgoth, which pits humans versus vampires, will be free to play this weekend. The game is currently in closed beta, but by buying a Founder's Pack you can gain access right ...

    Brittany Vincent

    5:00 PM on 07.11.2014

    Nosgoth will lower its founders pack prices on July 22

    When I played Nosgoth earlier this year, I saw potential in the competitive third-person shooter. As long as a few things are tweaked it'll be a decent game for shooter fans to explore at the very least, and some changes...

    Chris Carter

    9:00 PM on 02.27.2014

    Nosgoth goes into closed beta today

    Nosgoth is that free-to-play third-person shooter set in the Legacy of Kain universe. It's also that game that makes us wish there would be a new legit Legacy of Kain game every single time we have to talk about it. Anyway, y...

    Hamza CTZ Aziz

    8:00 PM on 02.10.2014

    First Nosgoth footage full of fun vampire carnage

    In-game stuff that isn't menus starts at 4:30. While Chris was bitter about it cashing in on the Legacy of Kain name, he did find Nosgoth a surprisingly enjoyably F2P third-person shooter in his preview. From this footage, I...

    Steven Hansen

    4:00 PM on 01.30.2014

    Nosgoth is not a very good Legacy of Kain game

    The vampire Kain has been running around causing havoc since 1996, when he debuted in his first game on the original PlayStation. He was joined by his partner in crime and former lieutenant Raziel in 1999, and the rest w...

    Chris Carter

    3:45 PM on 12.19.2013

    New trailer for Nosgoth shows off alpha action

    I have to admit that I was a bit surprised by the existence of Nosgoth, as I expected the Legacy of Kain franchise to have been left in a dustbin to be forgotten. And I certainly couldn't have predicted the next move fo...

    Conrad Zimmerman

    11:05 AM on 09.25.2013

    Legacy of Kain is back with a new F2P game called Nosgoth

    Remember that project that was linked to Legacy of Kain? Well it turns out that it's an actual thing now, and it's a free-to-play title called Nosgoth. The game will feature "human vs. vampire" multiplayer set in the Legacy ...

    Chris Carter

    9:00 AM on 06.18.2013

    This Legacy of Kain research thread is incredible

    Although I played Blood Omen, the first game in the storied Legacy of Kain franchise, it wasn't until Soul Reaver that I would cement my love for the series. Little did I know that amidst the release of those games in 1996 an...

    Chris Carter

    7:03 AM on 06.07.2013

    Square Enix developing project linked to Legacy of Kain

    You know how Dale North feels about JRPGs? That's kind of how I feel about a good action-adventure -- specifically, the Legacy of Kain franchise. After a fairly lackluster finale with Defiance, and some odd Tomb Raider DLC, i...

    Chris Carter

    5:15 PM on 02.11.2013

    New Legacy of Kain and Wolfenstein domains registered

    Thanks to the secret ninja teams of CSC Corporate Domains, we now know that Square Enix has registered a domain linking to a possible new entry in the Legacy of Kain series. The domain in question,, makes di...

    Jason Cabral

    5:30 PM on 12.07.2012

    The Soul Reaver saga has finally arrived on Steam

    This past week I was thinking how much I wanted a sequel to the Blood Omen/Soul Reaver sagas. That may never happen, but the arrival of the Soul Reaver saga on Steam is the next best thing. Soul Reaver, Soul Reaver 2 and Lega...

    Hamza CTZ Aziz