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    New in Lair

    9:57 AM on 04.10.2008

    Better late than never: Lair gets analog controls

    You remember the big stink the SIXAXIS control scheme of PS3's Lair caused, don't you? Gamers and reviewers were frusturated with the motion-only control, as analog control was not provided as an option. When the title was ra...

    Dale North

    9:34 AM on 11.13.2007

    Imabikisou now joins Lair as a PS3 "remote play" title

    For some reason I love playing selections from my favorite games of all time on handhelds. There's something about the charm of having PSP games, a full SNES library and a copy of Chrono Trigger in my handheld that makes Cole...

    Colette Bennett

    11:30 AM on 09.14.2007

    PlayStation Store Update: Pixels, poker, potter, pucks, and a Proving Ground

    Sony dropped a big ol' load on the PlayStation Store this week, including two new downloadable games, five demos, and a ton of trailers and extras.First up is PixelJunk Racers ($6.99), a top-down slot car game that features o...

    Dale North

    7:39 PM on 09.07.2007

    Gallery for posterity: The complete Lair Reviewer's Guide. [Update: Contest!]

    [CONTEST Update: Want this booklet for your very own swag collection?  Take a page from the booklet and PhotoShop (or MSPaint) something hilarious and we'll pick our favorite entry next Friday. We'll also send you a rand...

    Papa Niero

    3:06 PM on 09.07.2007

    Sony tells reviewers HOW to review Lair ... this just gets better

    Okay, I'm sorry, I know I keep picking on Julian Eggebrecht and Factor 5, but they are truly, truly asking for it. Not content to let this rest and intent on reminding us that Lair got some bad reviews, Sony has now sent out ...

    Jim Sterling

    10:02 AM on 09.07.2007

    Factor 5 is now blaming ghosts. The Lair absolution gets ridiculous

    As I reported just the other day, Factor 5 director Julian Eggebrecht is doing all he can to deflect the blame for the terrible reviews that Lair has received from certain sites. First it was the fact that the PS3 hardware is...

    Jim Sterling

    6:53 PM on 09.05.2007

    Lair 'Hot Coffee' code discovered: More exciting than the game?

      Above is video of the recently discovered 'Hot Coffee' code for Factor 5's PlayStation 3 title, Lair. The code was revealed to MTV's Stephen Totilo, in a recent in interview with the game's director, Julian Eggebr...

    Nick Chester

    8:36 AM on 09.05.2007

    Factor 5 absolves itself over Lair being a big pile of wank

    To say that Lair has not received the warmest of welcomes by reviewers is to perhaps put things a tad mildly. A long time in development and the usual make-or-break hype has not done enough to stop people panning Factor 5's b...

    Jim Sterling

    11:48 PM on 08.30.2007

    Gaygamer says Lair is out: I guess they would know ...

    According to this post on Gaygamer Sony's answer to Matthew McConaughey's answer to Sega's Panzer Dragoon just popped up on store shelves. To quote our fabulous tour guide:Fruit and I went on an evening excursion to peruse ou...

    Earnest Cavalli

    10:57 PM on 08.01.2007

    Dust off your copy of Talladega Nights: Lair delayed until September 4

    Remember last week when associate producer Ryan Hamlyn said the upcoming PlayStation 3 title Lair was finished, even going as far as to say it was in manufacturing? Psych -- just kidding!It appears that even Hamlyn didn't see...

    Nick Chester

    12:21 PM on 07.31.2007

    Sony at this year's Lollapalooza ... what, is this 1993?

    In shocking non-videogame related news, American music festival Lollapalooza still exists. The festival, conceived by Jane's Addiction front-man Perry Farrell in the early-90s, was once a traveling circus of semi-relevant, ec...

    Nick Chester

    6:51 PM on 07.25.2007

    Give your Talladega Nights disc a rest: Lair ships to NA retail on August 14

    PlayStation 3 owners, the time to remove Talladega Nights from your console is fast approaching. Ryan Hamlyn, associate producer for the upcoming Rogue Squadron-with -dragons PS3 title, Lair, has announced that the North Ame...

    Nick Chester

    2:02 PM on 07.23.2007

    Dragons ate my power cord: New Lair Screens

    I've never seen Lair demoed anywhere. My parole officer doesn't like me going out much, especially near childrens' schools. I know that people scrutinize any new developments on the Lair front, though, to see if i...

    Leigh Alexander

    10:50 AM on 07.13.2007

    E3 2007: Lair trailer; Nex can't find joy in anything!

    Yes, the video looks amazing, and yes, the PS3 is getting some amazing titles coming to it, but after watching this whole thing I'm left with a hankering to play Panzer Dragoon. I guess there's just a certain part o...

    Earnest Cavalli