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Top Stories in Green Man Gaming

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    New in Green Man Gaming

    11:45 AM on 09.30.2014

    Green Man Gaming launches publishing arm, Green Man Loaded

    Awesome-ass online gaming store Green Man Gaming now has a publishing label called Green Man Loaded. They're already neck deep in the business, with contacts that reach out to every corner of gaming. So publishing makes sense...

    Dale North

    1:15 PM on 07.17.2014

    Tempting! Wolfenstein: The New Order PC for $30 on Amazon

    Our own Chris Carter gave Wolfenstein: The New Order a favorable review but in the weeks since I've come across even higher praise for MachineGames' take on the iconic series. Some of you out there really, truly dig this game...

    Jordan Devore

    1:30 PM on 12.22.2013

    Sunday gaming deals: Steam, Xbox, and more

    Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! There are gaming deals going down today only, this very Sunday. Well really they are just today's deals of some on going sales over at Steam, Green Man Gaming, and at XBox... but hey, we're lazy and we...

    Wesley Ruscher

    11:00 PM on 10.18.2013

    Deal: 25% off Batman Arkham Origins, XCOM expansion, more

    Deals! Green Man Gaming is currently offering a 25% off voucher that is good for just under a week. With it, you can get a host of titles at 25% off, from the upcoming Batman: Arkham Origins to the XCOM expansion Enemy Within...

    Steven Hansen

    5:00 PM on 08.13.2013

    L.A. Noire, Alan Wake, and Monaco are your daily deals

    Whilst I've slowly weaned myself off pre-purchasing games, it's still a great way of saving some money without having to wait for a sale later in the year. Green Man Gaming's voucher system means you can save even on titles t...

    Alasdair Duncan

    7:30 PM on 08.09.2013

    Sleeping Dogs, Tropico, and Swapper are your daily deals

    Green Man Gaming has a big Crime and Punishment sale going on, cutting the price of a whole heap of cops and robbers titles. There's plenty on offer but my picks would be Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse for £6.24/$...

    Alasdair Duncan

    6:30 PM on 08.05.2013

    Hotline Miami, Darkness II are some of your Daily Deals

    I love playing co-op games, especially with my mates but it sucks when own a game that your friends don't. Green Man Gaming has a way to help; it's got game bundles reduced by 75%, each containing four copies of a co-op favou...

    Alasdair Duncan

    7:00 PM on 07.26.2013

    Weekend PC deals: Square Enix, Darksiders, Saints Row

    GOG.com has a large amount of old-school titles reduced by 50% in its Soviet Strategy promotion, including the likes of IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946, Kings Bounty, and the UFO franchise. If Russians and strategy is right up your alle...

    Alasdair Duncan

    7:30 PM on 07.19.2013

    Weekend PC deals: Sniper Elite, Dear Esther, Syberia

    Whilst the Steam sale runs for a few more days, it's worth pointing out the great games on offer today: Awesomenauts, Bully, GRID 2, Monaco, Skyrim, Trials Evolution, Baldur's Gate, Metro: Last Light, and Civilization V. That...

    Alasdair Duncan

    8:30 PM on 07.12.2013

    PC Weekend Deals: Atari, Omerta, Tomb Raider, Sonic

    We all know the Steam sale is on right now, so get over there and spend your money. On the other hand, if you're looking for other places to buy reduced games this weekend, GamersGate is still running its summer sale; right n...

    Alasdair Duncan

    6:15 PM on 07.05.2013

    Weekend PC deals: Left 4 Dead 2, Broken Sword, XCOM

    GOG.com may have wrapped up its big summer sale but it's not letting a weekend go by without having a selection of classic titles reduced in price. This time it's 60% off a variety of story-driven titles like the Broken Sword...

    Alasdair Duncan

    6:00 PM on 06.28.2013

    Weekend PC deals: Chivalry, Dark Souls, Borderlands 2

    I'm not going to lie, but I'm always checking Steam at 6:00pm GMT to see if the Summer sale has started yet. My wallet cried in relief when I saw that there were a pair of regular offers this weekend. The rather great space s...

    Alasdair Duncan

    10:00 PM on 06.14.2013

    Weekend PC deals: The Witcher, Awesomenauts, EA

    After doing a fairly poor job of letting people know when they're holding a sale, imagine my surprise as an email from EA arrived in my inbox letting me know there's a 50% off sale on Origin. Battlefield 3, Mass Effect 3 and ...

    Alasdair Duncan

    8:00 PM on 06.07.2013

    Weekend PC deals: Civilization, Codemasters, Defiance

    Steam's free weekend promotions are great ways of getting some great hands-on time with games you might have not considered buying. There's two on offer this weekend: Sid Meier's Civilization V and Saints Row: The Third are b...

    Alasdair Duncan

    9:00 PM on 05.31.2013

    Weekend PC download deals - Tropico, Alan Wake, Batman

    Hamza's already let us know that both DmC and the Alan Wake franchise are reduced this weekend on Steam but that's not all that Valve's service has to offer. Both Primal Carnage and ORION: Dino Horde are free to play this wee...

    Alasdair Duncan

    7:30 PM on 05.29.2013

    Here's your Rise Of The Triad reboot specs

    As I mentioned earlier today, not only is Shadow Warrior getting a reboot, but it's equally over-the-top companion Rise of the Triad is being retooled for 2013 as well. Even the iconic cover art is being rebooted for the new ...

    Alasdair Duncan