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    New in Giant Sparrow

    9:30 AM on 10.23.2014

    The Unfinished Swan arrives on PS4, Vita next week

    The Unfinished Swan is coming to PlayStation 4 and Vita next week, Sony revealed today. The first-person puzzler will retail for $15/€13/£10 and supports cross-buy, meaning if you purchased the game before on PS3 y...

    Kyle MacGregor

    9:45 AM on 08.12.2014

    Journey, The Unfinished Swan announced for PS4

    After months of whispers, rumors and leaks, Journey and The Unfinished Swan are officially confirmed for PlayStation 4, thatgamecompany and Giant Sparrow revealed today. The enhanced versions are being handled by developers Tricky Pixels and Armature Studio, respectively. Journey and The Unfinished Swan Coming to PS4 [PlayStation Blog]

    Kyle MacGregor

    4:00 PM on 07.20.2014

    It looks like The Unfinished Swan is flying to PS4, Vita

    This month, the Korean Game Rating Board issued classifications for PlayStation 4 and Vita versions of The Unfinished Swan, foreshadowing a potential cross-platform release. Giant Sparrow's first-person puzzler initially rele...

    Kyle MacGregor

    6:30 PM on 12.17.2012

    Unfinished Swan demo flying to PSN tomorrow

    I don't recall ever crying on account of a game before. But, oddly enough, there are two recently released titles that managed to elicit that response from me. One just so happens to be Destructoid's Game of the Yea...

    Kyle MacGregor

    9:00 AM on 05.02.2012

    PS3-exclusive The Unfinished Swan looks very pretty

    Remember a game from ten thousand years ago in which players were supposed to chuck paint around a white room to reveal the similarly colored objects inside it? First revealed in 2008, The Unfinished Swan has finally been re...

    Jim Sterling