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    7:15 PM on 08.15.2011

    The two bears high-fiving from Fallout now in shirt form!

    [Update: Extra-Large sizes have run out!] Fallout: New Vegas fans may remember this excellent fan created mode of the infamous Rorschach test. The joke was so good that even developer Obsidian Entertainment made a reference t...

    Hamza CTZ Aziz

    8:00 PM on 05.02.2011

    Two new posters for sale in the Destructoid store!

    Destructoid posters are back once again! We've moved them over to our SplitReason store for the reasonable price of $9.95 each. You can get yourself the Destructoid logo poster or the beautiful "Living the Dream" poster creat...

    Hamza CTZ Aziz

    3:00 PM on 03.29.2011

    Destructoid shirts will protect your torso from sun rays!

    Sun rays are bad! Didn't you know? The government secretly created videogames to keep people inside and away from the sun after all. Still, you sometimes have to leave the the house for things like candy brain fuel. Lucky for...

    Hamza CTZ Aziz

    11:00 AM on 03.21.2011

    Insert coin spring designs available for pre-order

    UK-based designer Insert Coin have announced that their latest set of t-shirt designs are now available for pre-order.  Insert Coin design some seriously awesome videogame-inspired clothing for t...

    Hollie Bennett

    4:20 PM on 02.10.2011

    The Bad Dudes take on OC ReMix in epic musical clash

    "Heroes vs. Villains," the 22nd album from OverClocked ReMix dropped this past week and is an epic clash between OC ReMixers and The Bad Dudes. The album is made up of 20 songs where the OC ReMixers took on the "Hero" theme...

    Hamza CTZ Aziz

    1:40 PM on 02.10.2011

    Destructoid stickers back in stock!

    Yes, the official Destructoid store carries more then just shirts that are guaranteed to get you off with your own hands! For just $3, you can get five 2.4" x 2.4" stickers sporting the updated Destructoid logo. Put the stick...

    Hamza CTZ Aziz

    11:30 PM on 01.14.2011

    Contest: Win a Sumo Lounge beanbag chair of your choice!

    [Update] Contest closed! We used Random.Org to pick and randomly selected rabidmaggot as our winner. He'll be receiving the Kids Bean Bag Chair, a $199 value! Thanks to all that entered and thanks to our sponsor for the amazi...

    Hamza CTZ Aziz

    8:00 PM on 12.22.2010

    Destructoid beanies back in stock!

    It's winter time and that means it's cold as balls. Luckily Destructoid can provide your head with some warmth now that our Destructoid beanies are back in stock. The black high-quality knit cap fits all head sizes, from smal...

    Hamza CTZ Aziz

    4:00 AM on 08.14.2010

    Videogame minimalism now in shirt form!

    The artist behind the lovely videogame minimalism art series is selling shirts based on his designs! The Mega Man robot masters, Mario, Luigi, Wario Donkey Kong, Jigglypuff, Kirby, Pickachu and E. Honda are all currently avai...

    Hamza CTZ Aziz

    4:00 AM on 07.31.2010

    Sale! Save 15% on Destructoid t-shirts on Split Reason!

    Hey! We have a store! NEAT! Yes, we have a bunch of Destructoid-themed shirts for sale and you can get them for 15% off now thanks to Split Reason's back-to-school sale! The Dtoid store also has HAWP-themed shirts and shirts ...

    Hamza CTZ Aziz

    10:00 PM on 06.30.2010

    Club Nintendo to offer the best Mario shirts ever

    Club Nintendo of Japan continues to put out amazing items. Their next bonuses are no different with custom Mario t-shirts. The shirts will be available in four different colors and you will be able to mix and match different ...

    Hamza CTZ Aziz

    11:00 PM on 06.28.2010

    Geek chic: Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy & Octorawk

    Hey, it's a Geek Chic! We haven't done this in a while ... mostly because there haven't been that many good gaming shirts. Thankfully, Split Reason delivers this week with two AWESOME shirts. First up is the Octorawk shirt, g...

    Hamza CTZ Aziz

    8:00 AM on 02.13.2010

    Geek chic: Fill up your closet with these shirts

    We promoted Glen's "The Plumbers Wardrobe" when it was up for voting and the shirt was approved! It's probably the best Mario shirt you will ever wear. Grab one from Split Reason for $18.95. Threadless released a couple of sh...

    Hamza CTZ Aziz

    12:05 AM on 02.13.2010

    Contest: Win this Thousand Needles shirt from Teextile

    Awesome shirt site, Teextile, recently had a re-launch and they're looking to celebrate by giving away some shirts! We have five of the Thousand Needles shirt (design above) to give out and all you need to do in order to win ...

    Hamza CTZ Aziz

    2:00 AM on 02.05.2010

    Geek chic: Zelda fans will like tonight's offerings

    Shirt.Woot is continuing their Valentine Day's-themed love shirts tonight and this one is all about how different creatures all have one thing in common: hearts! And in the case of Link, he has over a dozen hearts, thus makin...

    Hamza CTZ Aziz

    4:00 AM on 01.19.2010

    Today's Shirt Woot will make your chest explode

    Space Invaders are mean little bastards, but at least they're predictable. That is until Aliens start popping out of their chest. Then you're screwed. Today's Shirt.Woot combines one our favorite retro games, Space Invaders, ...

    Hamza CTZ Aziz