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    12:00 PM on 08.01.2009

    NPD says 170 million gamers in the US

    Rejoice ye gamers, you are not alone. No, there are many of us and we hold hands in peace and harmony across America... or we're shooting each other online. Either way there's 170,000,000 of us according to the NPD's recently...

    Matthew Razak

    1:20 PM on 02.20.2009

    New ECA Institute works for gamers' needs

    There's a new non-profit organization that you might be interested in hearing about. It was started by the Entertainment Consumers Agency and represents you, the gamers. This ECA Institute will work on the gaming side of rese...

    Dale North

    3:59 PM on 01.20.2008

    MAGFest VI Highlights

    MAGFest is a unique event. Somehow, over the past six years it has managed to perfect its blend videogames, tournaments, live game music and chiptunes, and a weekend-long partying into an festival that manages to continue to ...

    Dale North

    11:11 AM on 08.21.2007

    Shrink says Jack Thompson is sane? That's crazy!

    Jim told us last month that famed attorney and anti-violence crusader Jack Thompson was ordered to undergo psychological testing, but now it looks like video gaming's very own "Whacko Jack-o" isn't so whacked after ...

    Dale North

    8:26 PM on 08.10.2007

    Who the **** is Jim Sterling?

    Ever since appearing here on Destructoid, this question has plagued the minds of many readers. So, in order to answer this question, and some other questions that you might have on your mind, my lovely co-host Faith and I sha...


    10:02 AM on 07.03.2007

    Jack Thompson ordered to take a psychological test & faces a suspension

    It's been a good week so far for those of us who want better treatment of videogames, and the great news isn't about to stop. Jack Thompson, the slightly more insane Joker to the videogame world's Batman, has been...

    Jim Sterling

    4:47 AM on 07.03.2007

    The Darkness banned in Singapore, along with everything else

    To anybody familiar with Singapore law, it should come as no surprise that The Darkness has now been banned from the country's shelves. For 'excessive violence,' the thought police of Singapore have issued a big ...

    Jim Sterling

    7:10 PM on 07.02.2007

    ESA boss pushing for a political voice for gaming

    The good news just keeps coming. Following ex-ELSPA boss Roger Bennett's outspoken comments against the recent treatment of videogaming by the powers that be, the new head of the Entertainment Software Association has un...

    David Houghton

    3:57 PM on 07.02.2007

    Audio interview: Mike Jaret from Running With Scissors talks to GFG

    A few evenings ago, David Houghton and myself, representing Destructoid and Gamers For Gaming, sat down with Mike Jaret of Running With Scissors, a man currently working as product manager for the upcoming Postal 3. The guys...

    Jim Sterling

    9:17 AM on 07.02.2007

    ESRB and PTA superhero team up yeah!

    After providing several irritating and confusing annoyances to the gaming community in the last few weeks, the ESRB has followed up with an announcement that I actually ... agree with. In a recent press release, the ESRB an...

    Jim Sterling

    4:48 PM on 07.01.2007

    UK petitions new Prime Minister over Manhunt 2 ban

    Slowly but surely, the wheels of dissent are beginning to turn in the UK. Earlier in the week, ELSPA's former leader let rip a volley of disapproval at the BBFC for its unfair and potentially industry-damaging treatment ...

    David Houghton

    10:12 AM on 06.29.2007

    Former ELSPA boss slams BBFC's "flawed assumption"

    Now this is very interesting. While British games industry guardian ELSPA has so far disappointingly backed the BBFC's actions pertaining to Manhunt 2, it seems things would have been very different indeed under a previ...

    David Houghton

    5:46 AM on 06.27.2007

    London authorities ban poster for Burnout (Updated: ASA responds to Destructoid)

    First Manhunt 2, then Dark Sector, now a brand new title can call itself a victim of the crusade against videogames and artistic expression. After receiving a MASSIVE thirty seven complaints from easily offended busybodies po...

    Jim Sterling

    12:26 PM on 06.26.2007

    ESRB responds to Destructoid regarding Dark Sector trailer recall

    In response to the story of the ESRB's call for the removal of the Dark Sector trailer due to its "excessive or offensive content", we got in touch with them for an explanation. While we got an e-mail back from...

    David Houghton

    2:55 PM on 06.25.2007

    ESRB censors the Internet by-proxy: Now decides to regulate Dark Sector trailers

    Just when we thought Gamers For Gaming didn't have enough to do, we hear word of yet more inanity regarding the censorship of videogames. According to the guys at Gaming Today, they've recently had to remove two tra...

    Jim Sterling

    12:53 PM on 06.22.2007


    Loyal readers, I come to you with a grim and shocking truth - videogames are truly sick, demented and evil products of cruel and twisted perverts who wish to destroy the very basis of humanity as we know it. I originally wrot...

    Jim Sterling