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    New in Game Gear

    8:30 AM on 06.24.2013

    Mega Man Game Gear rated by ESRB

    As we all know, the 3DS has been getting some Game Gear titles lately on its Virtual Console storefront. But if a recent ESRB rating is to be believed, we have another incredibly rare game on the way -- Mega Man. Of course, i...

    Chris Carter

    9:34 AM on 05.17.2013

    Nintendo Direct: More Game Gear titles coming to 3DS

    It appears as if more Game Gear games will be hitting the 3DS eShop in the coming months, as Nintendo has revealed a ton of info in regards to a partnership with Sega that involves not only retro games, but new ones as well. ...

    Chris Carter

    9:30 PM on 10.24.2012

    NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL KULOR! has got the chips

    I've got another kickin' chiptune album for your twisted pleasure. You people make me sick! Between 2008 and now, Richard "Kulor" Armijo composed a bunch of tunes based on the NES, Game Boy, Master System, Game Gear, Atari 80...

    Tony Ponce

    12:00 PM on 07.29.2012

    Ecco the Dolphin celebrates 20 years of aquatic majesty!

    [Header by Ashley Davis] Every other videogame franchise seems to be celebrating a major anniversary lately. However, there's one little series that seems to have slipped everyone's mind. Everyone except Dtoider TheManchild, ...

    Tony Ponce

    3:15 PM on 02.22.2012

    Game Gear games on 3DS is a thing now

    I already feel weird inside thinking about playing Game Gear games on my 3DS. Virtual Console TurboGrafx and others were somehow fine for me, but Game Gear is just...strange. Imagine going back in time to schoolyard playgroun...

    Dale North

    8:40 AM on 02.02.2012

    Game Gear games finally rated for 3DS

    When the 3DS eShop was first announced, we were promised more than just Nintendo systems. Naturally, nothing came of that pledge in North America for months and months, until now. According to the ESRB, Game Gear games are fi...

    Jim Sterling

    1:00 PM on 07.17.2010

    Mod time: N64 into a Game Gear

    Thank goodness for modders, Without them we wouldn't be able to take one awkwardly shaped gaming system and cram it into another one in order to make it portable. Case in point is this mod from Evil Nod where he has placed a...

    Matthew Razak