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    New in Fuzzyeyes

    5:00 PM on 04.04.2013

    Review: Edge of Twilight: Athyr Above

    I've been looking forward to Edge of Twilight for years. Following the game from its early promises, through to its legal troubles with original publisher Southpeak, its worrisome postponement, and eventual return to the publ...

    Jim Sterling

    8:30 AM on 03.29.2013

    Edge of Twilight has a new iOS prequel in the works

    Edge of Twilight developer Fuzzyeyes has revealed to Destructoid that it will release a second Edge of Twilight iOS game following Athyr Above, which launched yesterday. This game will be a prequel, and aims to explain the ga...

    Jim Sterling

    12:15 PM on 03.28.2013

    Edge of Twilight: Athyr Above coming to iOS today

    Fuzzyeyes has announced the first installment of Edge of Twilight, Athyr Above, will be coming to iOS devices today, confirming both the episodic nature and mobile platform. Athyr Above will retain many elements seen in the o...

    Jim Sterling

    3:00 AM on 05.30.2009

    Pre-E3 09: Edge of Twilight trailer: still looking awesome

    You guys know what looks awesome? Fuzzyeyes' Edge of Twilight, that's what. My cynical, pessimistic inner twat says that its steampunk aesthetic is just an attempt to appeal to Doctorow-influenced hipsters. The little twit al...

    Joseph Leray

    11:00 PM on 12.17.2008

    Edge of Twilight wishes Destructoid a merry Christmas

    Awww, isn't that nice? Destructoid received a holiday postcard from Edge of Twilight publisher Fuzzyeyes, and we thought we'd all share. That, and we like to show off when people send us nice things. Edge of Twilight is a gam...

    Jim Sterling

    5:42 AM on 10.26.2008

    Edge of Twilight CG trailer (this headline is boring)

    [video]109177:604[/video]Here's a little Edge of Twlight-flavored treat for Destructoid. This particular video is yet to be officially released to English speaking media, but Fuzzyeyes very kindly let us have its CG trailer f...

    Jim Sterling