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    11:30 AM on 02.21.2014

    Foiled is another head game fueled by fencing

    Last weekend, I dropped in on IndieCade East to have a look at some of the new games being shown off. Foiled is one such game and I can't get it out of my mind. Designed by first-time developer Gabe Cuzzillo, it puts two...

    Conrad Zimmerman

    1:30 PM on 02.01.2014

    Pale Machine is a playable mouth and eyeball music video

    What did you get on Christmas last year? If you're a daily Destructoid reader, then the answer is "a free weird videogame" in the form of Beokay, a music infused space shooting romp. Beokay was the first release in the P...

    Jonathan Holmes

    10:00 PM on 01.10.2014

    Sir, You Are Being Hunted dev released a cool, free racer

    The lovely, successful Kickstarter game Sir, You Are Being Hunted is sitting in an alpha state. I'm eagerly awaiting its completion -- it's expected to be in beta within a few months -- so I can be chased around an island fo...

    Steven Hansen

    7:00 PM on 01.10.2014

    Your classmates are dolphins, you have to cheat on a quiz

    Have you ever been woefully ill-prepared for a test that could negatively impact your life because of the test score blinded educational system? And, also, all your classmates were dolphins? Welcome to Classroom Aquatic. As ...

    Steven Hansen

    1:00 PM on 11.17.2013

    Zoe Quinn launches Tidbytes: Biweekly free games for you

    Some people want to make videogames. A lot of want to play videogames. Everyone wants to get something for free. Tidbytes brings all those wants over one roof.  Zoe Quinn (Depression Quest) latest project pledges to prov...

    Jonathan Holmes

    5:45 PM on 11.12.2013

    Bubsy goes to a museum and then to Hell in this tribute

    Developer Arcane Kids wanted to do something, uh, nice (?) for Bubsy's 18th birthday. So, it brought Bubs back in this low polygon, free, 3D browser game, Bubsy 3D: Bubsy Visits the James Turrell Retrospective. It starts off...

    Steven Hansen

    3:00 AM on 10.24.2013

    South Korea suspects North attacking it with free games

    The South Korean National Police Agency is warning internet users of free game downloads that could potentially be developed by insidious North Koreans waging cyber wars. Arirang News reports. The police allege free game soft...

    Steven Hansen

    12:00 PM on 09.22.2013

    Shantae: Risky's Revenge free on iOS, has new outfit

    The Kickstarter for the Shantae: Half-Genie Hero, the HD re-imagining of the classic character for PC and consoles, is almost fully funded, though we're still pretty far away from snagging all the stretch goals. The most rece...

    Jonathan Holmes

    5:00 AM on 09.16.2013

    Brace yourselves for an 8-bit Game of Thrones platformer

    Abel Alves, a Spanish comic artist and amateur game designer, has went ahead and made a game... of thrones... based on the hit TV series (and novels) Game of Thrones. Game of Thrones: The 8-Bit Game is an old school platform...

    Steven Hansen

    11:30 AM on 08.27.2013

    Tower of Heaven creator releases new game Pause Ahead

    Do you remember Tower of Heaven? If the answer is yes, skip ahead to the next paragraph. If the answer is "no" because you never played it back in 2009, then you can (and should) rectify that immediately. It's not very long; ...

    Darren Nakamura

    1:00 AM on 08.06.2013

    Easy mode update for Mega Man Unlimited is out

    It was only a few days ago when I mentioned that a difficulty adjustment update to Mega Man Unlimited was on its way. Version 1.1.0 is now available, bringing along a whole host of changes. The biggest and most welcome additi...

    Tony Ponce

    8:30 PM on 08.02.2013

    Mega Man Unlimited has been ported to Mac

    I don't think I need to repeat how amazing Mega Man Unlimited is. Here's my review again. The original game is only available on Windows, but the wizards at OneWeakness have ported it to Mac so that no one is left out in the ...

    Tony Ponce

    11:00 AM on 07.26.2013

    Super Hexagon, Lone Survivor creators team with 10 indies

    Here's a thing we don't necessarily see too often in videogames: anthology. Experiment 12, which you can freely download right here, right now, is a collaborative effort between twelve different indie developers, including Su...

    Steven Hansen

    11:00 AM on 07.14.2013

    Review: Mega Man Unlimited

    I've been championing the fan game community since the day I joined Destructoid, yet I've never before anticipated the release of a fan game with as much fervor as I'd reserve for an official title until Mega Man Unlimited. I...

    Tony Ponce

    1:00 PM on 06.29.2013

    Free PC game Ripple Dot Zero is Sonic mixed with Strider

    It's a pretty slow weekend. Why not kill an hour or two by playing this freeware Flash game just released yesterday? Ripple Dot Zero by Pixeltruss is an homage to the super awesome Genesis years of my youth. Taking its cues ...

    Tony Ponce

    10:00 PM on 05.02.2013

    MoshiMoshi teaches kids about meth, death, and shooting

    Colorful, ecstatic, and utterly bizarre, free indie shooter MoshiMoshi may be the oddest game you play today. Conceived at a Braingale game jam, MoshiMoshi is a brief but fun twinstick-style shooter with gaudy visuals and an...

    Allistair Pinsof