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    New in Freemium

    9:00 AM on 10.01.2013

    EA closing freemium game-producing North Carolina studio

    EA North Carolina, developer of "cutting edge freemium games for mobile and tablet platforms," has been closed, according to an anonymous source speaking to The Escapist. EA has not made any formal announcements about the st...

    Steven Hansen

    1:30 PM on 07.30.2013

    Ubisoft alters Mighty Quest so it isn't pay to win

    One of the biggest concerns about large publishers entering the free-to-play scene is that they'll shamelessly exploit the monetization aspects of their games to the extent that the entire experience becomes pay to win. Only ...

    Brett Makedonski

    3:15 PM on 07.29.2013

    Jimquisition: Fee to Pay

    It's time to talk about why "optional" microtransactions in games aren't really optional, and why they're especially gruesome in games we already paid for at retail. The rise of "free to play" elements in games that are not ...

    Jim Sterling

    4:00 PM on 06.14.2013

    Ultima Forever reduces freemium prices due to fan outcry

    As we all know, freemium models tend to do more harm than good if they're not well designed. There's a very fine line between "wanting to monetize your game" and driving players away, and in the Canadian beta for Ultima Forev...

    Chris Carter

    10:00 AM on 04.03.2013

    EA: customers want freemium games, so shut up

    Electronic Arts has justified its blind charge into the free-to-play market by suggesting that, though the ever-classic "vocal minority" dislikes such games, everybody else loves them. Upset about the restructuring of games l...

    Jim Sterling

    2:00 PM on 02.02.2013

    Review: Cart Life

    Cart Life's willingness to be mundane in an attempt to understand the mundane, without typical preconceptions, is its greatest strength as an empathetic work and its greatest failing as a game. As people, we find tighter bond...

    Allistair Pinsof

    8:30 AM on 01.22.2013

    Dead Space 3 crafting system includes microtransactions

    Dead Space 3 is going to see a fair few changes, boasting a faster pace, cover-based shooting, and a weapon crafting system. While I'm not a big fan of some of the alterations, the one thing I did find praiseworthy was that l...

    Jim Sterling

    10:00 AM on 05.07.2012

    Team Meat hates free-to-play games

    Super Meat Boy is coming to iOS, but creator Ed McMillen isn't throwing it up there without a jab at the current crop of mobile games. Slamming the free-to-play model employed by many titles, McMillen has attacked the kind of...

    Jim Sterling

    9:30 PM on 04.30.2012

    Holy Frak! Battlestar Galactica Online nearing 10 million

    Bigpoint Games is celebrating the one-year anniversary of it's Battlestar Galactica Online, and it wants to cap off the week long festivities by reaching 10 million registered users. "BSGO is a breakthrough title that has emp...

    Jason Cabral

    6:30 PM on 04.23.2012

    NPD: 40 percent of freemium players buy in-game items

    The NPD Group's latest report, Insights into the Freemium Games Market, says that 40 percent of gamers that play freemium games have spent money in-game. When you consider that around 38 percent of the U.S. population plays s...

    Dale North

    7:00 PM on 03.11.2012

    GDC: Reviving MechWarrior with the CryEngine 3

    I was a pretty big fan of MechWarrior back in the day. I kind of have a thing for mechs, and I thought it was really awesome. What little kid wouldn't want to blow up giant robots with lasers and missiles fired from other gia...

    Daniel Starkey

    3:30 PM on 12.07.2011

    Bejeweled 2 removed from iTunes in order to go freemium

    Those wondering what Electronic Arts' acquisition of Popcap means for the studio's stable of popular games have had their questions answered today. Bejeweled 2 + Blitz will be swiped from iTunes and its two modes split into t...

    Jim Sterling