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    New in Folklore

    9:40 PM on 12.19.2007

    Fo fo fo!: Folklore getting free holiday content

    The folks behind Folklore are a giving bunch. At E3, the game's associate producer, Eric Fong, was kind enough to lead me away from the Singstar kiosks and straight into the loving arms of an ice chest filled with Red Bull. T...

    Nick Chester

    6:37 PM on 12.05.2007

    New Folklore add-on packs coming

    What the folk? New game content already? Sony's on the ball with this one. The PlayStation Blog brings us news from Eric Fong, Associate Producer for the PS3 title Folklore. Fong says that this month we'll see two new add-on ...

    Dale North

    9:36 AM on 10.18.2007

    New Folklore ad makes sex look boring: also, I'm screwing with all of you

    Honestly, the PlayStation 3 has been lacking quality titles, but after watching the just released, brand new trailer for the just released, brand new Folklore (see above), my hopes for Sony's baby have increased triple-fold...

    Earnest Cavalli

    10:29 AM on 08.22.2007

    Download your Folklore demo today ... BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE! AARRGH!

    Word on the street is that the PlayStation Network will be revealing a demo for the PS3's upcoming, SixAxis-yankin' roleplaying extravaganza, Folklore via the PS Store today. Hurry while stocks last, however, because it's bei...

    Jim Sterling

    12:15 AM on 08.21.2007

    Folklore going portable? PSP version is said to be in the works

    People around here have had their eye on the upcoming PS3 title called Folklore, as its unique look and gameplay style have already made a good impression. Now it looks like a version of the game will be making its way to the...

    Dale North

    10:25 AM on 08.16.2007

    New Folklore trailer captures my soul and holds it tightly, yet gently

    Dick McVengeance has been clamoring for a fleshed-out trailer for the upcoming, PS3-exclusive Folklore, and I hope that his hunger has been satiated. In the above trailer, we get a look at Ellen and Keats, the game's protagon...

    Joseph Leray

    9:59 AM on 08.11.2007

    A set-up for disaster: Sony's Folklore Create-a-Creature contest

    Game Republic's upcoming PlayStation 3 title, Folklore, is probably one of the more anticipated titles here at the Destructoid offices. Sure, last year's Genji: Days of the Blade (Game Republic's PS3 launch title) made of us ...

    Nick Chester