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Top Stories in Fable III

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    New in Fable III

    9:30 AM on 06.10.2013

    Fable III is free on Xbox Live Games on Demand

    Fable III is currently available to download for free on Xbox Live. People initially believed it to be some sort of error, but Microsoft has officially recognized it. Go download the game that promises so much, and delivers v...

    Jim Sterling

    9:00 AM on 04.11.2012

    Molyneux accepts 'personal failure' for Fable III

    It's a glorious day, because I get to talk about the Molyneux Cycle once more. It's the method by which Molyneux attempts to make his next game look good by trash talking the last one he made -- the last game being one he hyp...

    Jim Sterling

    11:40 AM on 05.17.2011

    Lionhead: Used games worse than piracy

    Developers love to make silly statements about secondhand games, and drawing parallels with piracy is a popular way of doing it. Far be it from Lionhead to be outdone, however, with Fable III's combat designer going so far as...

    Jim Sterling