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    2:30 PM on 04.17.2015

    Friday Night Fights - Na Na Na Na Na, Batfleck!

    How is no one hosting MKX? I have to admit, I'm pretty shocked. I'd be all over it, if my damn power supply hadn't died. Sons, I am disappoint. Unless you didn't want to feel the sting of WB's DLC though. That I understand. F...

    Mike Martin

    7:30 AM on 04.17.2015

    EU FNF: Lifeforce and Tumbleweeds

    Welcome to EU FNF! We have another Menage a Toid/Friday Night Frights happening tonight. What is that? It's where a group of Dtoiders gets together and instead of playing games, they watch a silly/scary show/movie togethe...

    Mike Martin

    4:00 PM on 04.14.2015

    Team Fortress 2sdays: This Is What Happens...

    Hank is MIA today, so the post will be a little light. How's Mortal Kombat working out for everyone? That's what you want to talk about in the TF2 post right? I got nothing else...... you all play nice with your forts and have fun! 

    Mike Martin

    2:30 PM on 04.10.2015

    Friday Night Fights - Goodbye Sweet Prince

    I don't even have it in my heart to 'shop your face into those penguin eyes. Our fearless Boner Knight: Andy Dixon is leaving us as Community Manager. From the first time I was an asshole to you Andy, to the last time I was a...

    Mike Martin

    4:30 PM on 04.03.2015

    Friday Night Fights - Happy Easter!

    What did the Easter Egg say to the boiling water? It's going to take awhile to get me hard I just got laid by some chick! Oh ho ho! That's funny. I'm funny. Happy Easter everyone! As we all know, Easter celebrates when Jesus ...

    Mike Martin

    7:00 AM on 04.03.2015

    EU FNF: Going Commando

    Welcome to EU FNF! We have another Menage a Toid/Friday Night Frights happening tonight. What is that? It's where a group of Dtoiders gets together and instead of playing games, they watch a silly/scary show/movie together. ...

    Mike Martin

    3:00 PM on 03.27.2015

    Friday Night Fights - Bloody Ghost Pillar Towns

    Hey everyone. Sick with the flu this week, so please excuse me. This one will be short. FNF is looking like a ghost town this week and I'm sure that's due to two games that hit this week. Before I launch into that, stop by th...

    Mike Martin

    3:45 PM on 03.24.2015

    Team Fortress 2sdays: Hankcation

    Hey everyone! Mike here, Hank is taking a siesta this week from the written word. Unfortunately that means you are stuck with me. What does that mean? Well, you get some of my amazing 'shop skillz and some rambling words, tha...

    Mike Martin

    2:00 PM on 03.20.2015

    Friday Night Fights - Hell Has Broken Loose

    Howdy folks! Welcome to another edition of FNF. For our Nintendo lovers out there, next week shall see the rise of Nintendoid, courtesy of Shade and Strider. Keep an eye out for their new blog appearing soon and hit the link ...

    Mike Martin

    6:00 AM on 03.20.2015

    EU FNF: Haggis Tacos

    Welcome to another round of EU FNF! What an exciting Friday! A couple new hosts have joined in this week, offering up some PS4 and Wii U action! Nice to see some new blood. I'm exited to finally watch Sharknado today as well....

    Mike Martin

    4:15 PM on 03.13.2015

    Friday Night Fights - Broken Tooth Day!

    Short and sweet today. Cracked my back top molar and it hurts. Bad. On my way out the door to get the last kid from school and then go to the dentist. Sweet pain and drugs ahoy! Have fun gaming tonight, I'll be mumbling and bumbling in some Spartan Ops. See you there.

    Mike Martin

    3:00 AM on 03.13.2015

    EU FNF: Sharknadoes Ahoy!

    Howdy everyone! How is your Friday treating you? Still Thursday for me and it was an meh day. That's alright though. When I wake up, I get to take part in Menage-A-Toid/Friday Night Frights! Haven't heard of it? Well, allow m...

    Mike Martin

    3:45 PM on 03.10.2015

    Team Fortress 2sdays: Between 2Fort with Vinnie Parisi

    It’s been far too long, but we’re back! Joining us on the fort next week is Indie Game Magazine editor in chief Vinny Parisi. For those who don’t know, Between 2Fort is an interview show held on the infamous...

    Mike Martin

    5:00 PM on 03.06.2015

    Friday Night Fights - Dance the Night Away!

    Oh look at you, my pretty little girl, sitting there with your face all painted up in your little halter top, you're nothing but a little slut. Who wants to guess what movie I just watched? That's right, Sharknado. I love th...

    Mike Martin

    3:34 AM on 03.06.2015

    EU FNF: Last Minute Before Bed Edition

    I almost passed out without posting this. Then I realized I hadn't wrote anything yet (way to go dingus) and here we are. Crap. Sooooooooooo, I'm tired. It's 1:30am here and I have to be up at 7 to take kids to school and go ...

    Mike Martin

    4:00 PM on 03.03.2015

    Team Fortress 2sdays: Heisting Gone Wrong

    I’ll make no excuses for my obsession with Payday 2 as of late, and even though Overkill has been doing some questionable things with DLC recently I still have tons of fun. While most people looking at the game will t...

    Mike Martin