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    3:00 PM on 04.18.2014

    Friday Night Fights: Easter eggs

    Happy Friday Everyone! Since we are on the eve, of the eve, of Easter, I thought it would be fun to talk about and discuss some of our favorite Easter eggs hidden away in our favorite videogames. I figure I'll get the party s...

    Bill Platt

    3:00 PM on 04.15.2014

    Team Fortress 2sdays: Between 2Fort

    Happy Tuesday everyone! Before we get to the good stuff, Shadow2398 has something he'd like to say; A while back I had a crazy idea for a live stream involving members of the community both on and off the TF2 server, and nex...

    Bill Platt

    3:00 PM on 04.11.2014

    Friday Night Fights: My apologies

    Happy Friday everyone! Sorry for the short post today, I was called in to work early and, well, this is basically all the time I had to work on the post this week. I hope everyone has a great time gaming tonight and I may see some of you on the PS4 side of business, a bit later though, let's say 10:30ish EST.

    Bill Platt

    3:00 PM on 04.04.2014

    Friday Night Fights: I'm not dead

    Ha ha, oh that Andy Dixon.... As you can clearly see, I am not dead, nor was I dead at any time last week. I have however been dead, sort of, due to being electrocuted while working as a construction worker, but that's a stor...

    Bill Platt

    3:00 PM on 03.28.2014

    Friday Night Fights: Bill is dead

    Welcome to another exciting edition of Dtoid's Friday Night Fights! As you may have gathered from the title, Bill is dead, which makes me the new Bill. Well, at least until he resurrects next week like the premature Jesus he is, anyway. But in the meantime, you're stuck with me. Only I don't remember how this is supposed to work, so... Boners?

    Mr Andy Dixon

    3:00 PM on 03.21.2014

    Friday Night Fights: Checking out

    Happy Friday everyone! I hope everyone has had a fantastic week so far. Personally, I can't wait for today to be over, once my shift ends at work tonight, I'm off for the next seven days. Chicago, here I come! Fantastic. So, ...

    Bill Platt

    3:00 PM on 03.18.2014

    Team Fortress 2sdays: The Reboot!

    Welcome to another exciting edition of Team Fortress 2sdays! Back in the day, we used to do these every week. That lapsed for a while, but we're back on our game and ready to rock! Before we get too far into this post, I want...

    Bill Platt

    3:00 PM on 03.14.2014

    Friday Night Fights: Let's NARP it up

    Happy Friday everyone! I want to take a few minutes today to highlight an awesome community event happening this weekend. Since Friday Night Fights is all about getting together with your fellow D'toider, I figured this would...

    Bill Platt

    3:00 PM on 03.07.2014

    Friday Night Fights: Just like old times

    What a week. Seriously. You ever have one of those weeks where each passing day has you saying "It can't possibly get any worse than this"? I've had one of those weeks, and I'm glad that it's almost over. Just when I thought ...

    Bill Platt

    3:30 PM on 02.21.2014

    Friday Night Fights: Gaming with the King

    Happy Friday! I want to take a few minutes of everyone's time today to talk about someone, very special to the Destructoid Community. Rick "King Foom" Olson has been a staple of the Destructoid community for years. His humor,...

    Bill Platt

    3:30 PM on 02.14.2014

    Friday Night Fights: Apple pie

    Today's post is gonna be pretty short.  My employee's decided that they wanted to throw a potluck at work today. I was in charge of desserts. So being the nice guy I am, I made a blueberry pie, apple pie and bacon browni...

    Bill Platt

    3:30 PM on 02.07.2014

    Friday Night Fights: Going for the gold

     I was originally going to go with a header image that showed how amazing the living conditions in Sochi are for the athletes and reporters, but then thought to myself, "Nah, it's bad enough they have to live like that f...

    Bill Platt

    3:30 PM on 01.31.2014

    Friday Night Fights: SK8 or die!

    Look, I make no bones about how old I am. I've never hid my age from anyone and I know my limits. Turning 40, as I recently did, tends to make people feel like, they need to finally grow up, finally become an adult. To hell w...

    Bill Platt

    3:30 PM on 01.24.2014

    Friday Night Fights: Sick of being sick

    Let me just apologize in advance for the short post today. I've been fighting a sever case of the flu this week and haven't had the opportunity to take any time off from work. Basically, my body is rejecting pretty much every...

    Bill Platt

    3:30 PM on 01.17.2014

    Friday Night Fights: Who has the time?

    I don't know about the rest of you, but lately I've had almost no time to play games. If it's not my job keeping me busy, what seems like 24 hours a day, it's almost always something else. Field trips, doctor's appointments, ...

    Bill Platt

    3:30 PM on 01.10.2014

    Friday Night Fights: Building relationships

    Short post will be short today, my apologies in advance. Happy Friday! Not much to see here today, I'm currently out chaperoning my daughters class trip to LegoLand. I'm sure I'm having a blast right now, chasing kids around a theme park and generally being worn out. I hope all of you have a blast tonight playing games with each other, play a few rounds for me!

    Bill Platt