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Top Stories in Colecovision

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    New in Colecovision

    4:00 AM on 04.16.2013

    18 different gaming consoles combined into one system

    Modder Bacteria spent over three years and over $1,000 to merge 18 different consoles into one giant box. It contains circuitry from 15 different systems, works with one master controller, a single power supply, and a single...

    Hamza CTZ Aziz

    7:20 PM on 08.03.2009

    Ghost N Zombies: new for the Colecovision (not kidding)

    It soothes my retro heart to know that no matter how many shiny, high definition games get pumped out into today's market, there will always be someone somewhere proudly pouring their heart and soul into something retro just ...

    Colette Bennett

    2:24 AM on 08.18.2006

    Play Colecovision games on the Nintendo DS

    The console that lost the Atari war and gave us one of the all time most hideous controllers is now, for better or worse, playable on your Nintendo DS. The ColecoDS 1.0 emulator runs commercial roms quickly, supports (mos...

    Papa Niero

    2:04 PM on 06.03.2006

    The top 10 weirdest custom consoles ever

    Some guys don't wait for consoles to be released - they put those years of engineering college and breaking their parent's old appliances to good use and build their own. Techblog has compiled a dead-on look at some of the most extreme and oddball console mods that would never existed if these guys had girlfriends. Check it out

    Papa Niero