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    New in Circle Pad Pro

    10:30 PM on 04.22.2013

    Check these 3DS Circle Pad Pro mods from Japan

    Anybody test out the 3DS XL Circle Pad Pro yet? Is it the cat's knees and the bee's pajamas? How does it stack up to the original Circle Pad Pro? For a certain set of Japanese gamers, the stock devices are hella weaksauce. Mo...

    Tony Ponce

    8:30 AM on 04.18.2013

    3DS XL Circle Pad Pro now available on ShopNintendo

    Do you have a 3DS XL and one of the hundreds dozens several games that support the Circle Pad Pro, and have been wallowing in self-pity for months because it hasn't been available in the US? Wallow no more, because Ninte...

    Darren Nakamura