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    New in Childs Play

    7:00 PM on 01.02.2014

    Child's Play raised $7.6 million in 2013

    Charitable organization Child's Play has published their year-end total of donations, which comes to a whopping $7.6 million. The organization, which puts entertainment media into the hands of children in over 90 hospitals wo...

    Conrad Zimmerman

    2:30 PM on 11.25.2013

    Child's Play has raised over $20M in ten years

    On its 10th anniversary, the gaming-focused charity Child's Play announced it had raised over $20 million dollars during its ten years of drives and events. To celebrate, the organizers of the charity wrote a passionate post ...

    Alessandro Fillari

    10:00 PM on 08.21.2013

    GameGrumps auctioning off games for Child's Play

    The GameGrumps receive a lot of games from their fans to play on the show, and because of that they receive a ton of duplicate copies of titles. So instead of hoarding it all away, they've put them up for auction on eBay! Th...

    Hamza CTZ Aziz

    2:01 AM on 07.18.2013

    Awesome Plants vs. Zombies 18" Munny auction for charity

    PopCap and EA had many of these really funky 18-inch Mega Munny custom pieces on display at their booth here at San Diego Comic-Con today. Many folks from the game development community took one of Kidrobot's big-headed blank...

    Dale North

    12:00 PM on 02.15.2013

    There's a Mega Man charity marathon this weekend

    Starting Saturday, February 16th at 6:00PM EST, the folks over at Storm Unity will be running a 24-hour Mega Man marathon event to benefit Child's Play. In addition to general Mega Man chicanery, you can also win prizes for p...

    Chris Carter

    9:00 AM on 01.04.2013

    The Mega Manathon is running at MAGFest right now

    MAGFest is a convention of many awesome things, and this year, they've combined two of my favorite things ever: Mega Man, and Child's Play. The fine folks at Half Empty Energy Tank are now running a 72-hour Mega Man charity m...

    Chris Carter

    12:30 PM on 12.21.2012

    Flip tables at MAGFest: Best Child's Play fundraiser EVER

    Who says you can't combine charitable giving with righteous anger? During next month's MAGFest at the Gaylord National Hotel in Maryland, you can take part in a very special fundraising activity. By donating a few bucks, you ...

    Tony Ponce

    7:45 PM on 12.04.2012

    Win one of 10 early tickets to Ümloud! this Thursday

    In the Bay Area this Thursday? Come melt your face at San Francisco's DNA lounge for Ümloud!, the annual California fundraiser that benefits Child's Play. Did I mention Tim Schafer, creator of Psychonauts, Grim...

    Papa Niero

    8:00 PM on 10.22.2012

    Pat the NES Punk & brentalfloss channel their inner Queen

    [Update: Whoops! The actual NES marathon ended yesterday at 3 PM PST, but Pat is still accepting donations through his site until tomorrow.] Zealous NES collector Pat the NES Punk is holding a Child's Play charity that runs ...

    Tony Ponce

    8:00 AM on 03.14.2012

    Raging Mass Effect 3 fans do something for charity

    The arrogantly named "Retake Mass Effect" group has decided to offset the public bitching by raising some money for Child's Play, which fans are now cynically using to deflect criticism. I know this because Destructoid's tips...

    Jim Sterling

    1:00 PM on 02.26.2012

    Be Mine Game & Music bundle debuts

    Yes, indie game bundles are now becoming two a penny and a regular occurrence but they're still a great way to get some games for hardly any money. The Be Mine Game & Music bundle is a pay-what-you-want deal where for as...

    Alasdair Duncan

    12:30 PM on 12.19.2011

    Check out Harmonix live stream for Child's Play charity

    Harmonix will live stream some Christmas craziness for the Child's Play charity today. From 5pm to 8pm Eastern they'll host a holiday-themed stream to raise money for the kids. This stream will feature interviews with Harmoni...

    Dale North

    9:00 PM on 12.07.2011

    That's a real life Gravity Gun you're looking at

    The name Harrison Krix mean anything to you? Well it bloody should, I mean he was the guy that made the new Mr. Destructoid helmet, created kick-ass Portal and Portal 2 guns and a BioShock Big Daddy costume to name a few...

    Harry Monogenis

    2:45 PM on 12.07.2011

    Two more pay-what-you-want indie bundles on PC

    We've got two more pay-what-you-want independent bundles for the PC. One of them is available now, and the second one will be available next week. Both of them have some excellent games in them, and they support indie develop...

    Joshua Derocher

    6:30 PM on 12.06.2011

    Umloud 2011: A Rock Band night for Child's Play

    Gamers are a naturally creative bunch, and this can definitely be seen in the way that we come together to raise money for charity. This Thursday, December 8th, at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco, Ümloud will be hosting...

    Jesse Cortez

    11:00 AM on 11.20.2011

    14k Starman pendant to be auctioned off for Child's Play

    Fan craftsman Juno makes a lot of classy custom videogame jewelry, from Triforce earrings to a Metroid pendant. None of them are for sale, however, so you can only admire them from afar. His latest concoction is a 14k gold St...

    Tony Ponce