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    New in Alone in the Dark

    5:30 PM on 10.31.2014

    New Alone in the Dark gets first trailer day after pre-order details

    Yesterday, Alone in the Dark: Illumination went up for pre-order on Steam. The "Eldritch Edition," as it were, with a mildly reduced price, exclusive weapon and character skins, blah blah blah. Today, Atari is finally showin...

    Steven Hansen

    7:00 PM on 09.04.2014

    Alone in the Dark: Illumination looks like a horror game, alright

    This concept art from Alone in the Dark: Illumination illustrate some of the environments in the game, and man, they're boring. From the grey concrete of an urban area to the grey scenic vistas of a mansion along the sho...

    Brittany Vincent

    7:00 AM on 09.01.2014

    New Alone in the Dark and Haunted House hit PC this fall

    Here are teasers for the previously announced Alone in the Dark and Haunted House reboots. Both are coming to PC this fall, so hopefully we'll have a few more spooky games to mess around with come Halloween time. 

    Steven Hansen

    10:00 PM on 08.19.2014

    Atari is rebooting the Alone in the Dark franchise

    Horror this, horror that. 2014 is going to be known for the year the horror genre really took off again. Presumably because games like Slender Man, Outlast, and more have made some of the bigger companies realize th...

    Hamza CTZ Aziz

    1:00 AM on 02.12.2010

    Rejoice: Alone in the Dark II hits Netflix 'Watch It Now'

    Great news fans of films sort of related to videogames! Alone in the Dark II is available for viewing on Netflix Watch It Now. According to the Netflix description: When a 100-year-old witch (Allison Lange) hatches a horrid ...

    Nick Chester

    8:00 AM on 12.03.2009

    New Alan Wake image appears; crane confirmed

    With flashlight in hand, Alan Wake decides to plod through a construction site in the black of night. At least it seems like the protagonist of Remedy Entertainment’s long-awaited game is plodding through a construction...

    Brad Nicholson

    10:00 AM on 11.28.2009

    Alone in the Dark 2 coming to DVD in U.S.

    It may be a while before Uwe Boll completes Bloodrayne 3, but that doesn't mean we have to suffer rejoice through another season without any Boll action. Often times the United States is neglected by film companies as they do...

    Matthew Razak

    5:58 PM on 11.12.2008

    Shake your ass, check your fire alarm batteries: Alone in the Dark: Inferno

    [video]111238:715[/video]Alone in the Dark: Inferno, the re-worked version of Atari's survival horror, er ... horror, is coming to the PlayStation 3 on November 19. Not only is it supposedly "better" on Sony's conso...

    Nick Chester

    11:58 PM on 09.18.2008

    Atari NYC Media Day: Alone in the Dark on the PS3 with ... damn it

    I was really looking forward to Alone in the Dark -- so much so, that I put it at number eight on my list of the top 10 PS3 games I was anticipating the most this year. I say “was” -- as in, past tense -- because,...

    Samit Sarkar

    3:55 PM on 09.13.2008

    360 version of Alone in the Dark may not get patched if PS3 version doesn't sell

    You may remember that not too long ago Alone in the Dark developer Eden Studios said that they would bring the Xbox 360 version of the game up to the same standards of the PlayStation 3 version. The PS3 version is supposedly ...

    Brad Nicholson

    12:42 PM on 08.21.2008

    Alone in the Dark for 360 getting a patch: You are all excited

    The console patch culture continues as Alone in the Dark becomes the next game to be finished after its initial release. We already knew that the delayed PlayStation 3 version would ship with a number of fixes, but 360 owners...

    Jim Sterling

    3:28 PM on 08.20.2008

    Alone in the Dark PS3 gets a new price

    When all else fails, make something cheaper and people will buy it. It's some human disease that we are all afflicted with to some degree -- the cheaper an item is, the more our sense of bargain hunting convinces us that we s...

    Colette Bennett

    9:25 AM on 08.15.2008

    Rise from your grave! Atari turns a profit

    This past year hasn't been so good for Atari. In late 2007, they stopped game production after a loss of $11.9 million in one quarter. Ouch. Even more bad press came when there was some financial fumbling in the books. Soon a...

    Dale North

    8:02 PM on 08.09.2008

    Alone in the Dark PS3 will be improved: Turd polishing machine found at Atari

    We at Destructoid did not like Alone in the Dark. In fact, our review of it was quite harsh (although to its credit, it was no Eternity's Child). If you were holding out for the PlayStation 3 version, however, don't kill your...

    Jim Sterling

    9:09 AM on 08.04.2008

    Demos for Alone in the Dark, Wall-E land on Xbox LIVE Marketplace

    According to Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson, 1.35 gigs of an Alone in the Dark demo and 1.44 gigs of a demo for THQ's Wall-E have hit Xbox LIVE Marketplace. Both of these demos arrive well after the release of both games, meaning t...

    Nick Chester

    8:33 PM on 07.11.2008

    Destructoid Review: Alone in the Dark

    As a series, Alone in the Dark has a bit of a tainted history. Its first title is credited with creating the feel of the Survival Horror genre and is a landmark game. From that lofty peak, however, what started it all has pro...

    Conrad Zimmerman