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    New in ACE Team

    2:00 PM on 07.15.2014

    Review: Abyss Odyssey

    One thing you can't accuse Chilean developer ACE Team of doing is ploughing the same, well trodden ground as other indie devs. Its debut hit Zeno Clash combined a surrealistic art style with first-person, melee combat, while ...

    Alasdair Duncan

    8:30 AM on 03.14.2014

    See how the fighting system works in Abyss Odyssey

    Abyss Odyssey is set to release later this year on the 360, PC, and PS3, and now you can get a closer look at the battle system. ACE Team has stated that they wanted this 2D platformer to feel more like a fighting game, and ...

    Chris Carter

    2:00 PM on 03.05.2014

    Abyss Odyssey is a 2D platformer with roguelike elements

    ACE Team's next game is Abyss Odyssey, a 2D platformer that contains roguelike designs and randomly generated levels. The developer's intention is to have it feel like a fighting game, and have every single enemy feel formid...

    Chris Carter

    5:00 PM on 05.02.2013

    Review: Zeno Clash II

    I've found that it's a rather fruitless endeavour to guess which games will get a sequel -- mainly because I'm usually wrong. If you'd asked me "Fraser, will there be a Zeno Clash II?" I would have confidently responded with ...

    Fraser Brown

    9:00 AM on 04.02.2013

    Zeno Clash II hits Steam April 30

    Zeno Clash II, the follow-up to ACE Team's weird and wonderful first-person puncher, gets a sequel release on Steam this April 30. Atlus and ACE Team have the brawler lined up for Valve's Steam service for only $19....

    Dale North