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Catch a glimpse of last night's Pokemon Roundtable

8:30 PM on 06.12.2013

Chris Carter

Reviews Director

See the PSS system, brand new Pokemon, and more

Last night, we covered the brief Pokemon X and Y Roundtable event at E3 which detailed a number of new game mechanics like enhanced social features, battles, and even a few new Pokemon. Now, compliments of Nintendo you can get a brief look at some of what was talked about with the Roundtable footage featured above.

You'll get a brief overview of the history of the trading system in the series, as well as an intriguing look as to how they translated the models into 3D. It all looks great, but the only thing that concerns me at this point is that Nintendo didn't have a true answer to the question "will we be able to transfer Pokemon from the previous generation to X and Y?"

I'm currently playing through every game in the series for a Carter's Quest, starting from Fire Red all the way up to X and Y at its launch, and it would be a bummer to not be able to transfer all my hard earned work.

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