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Capcom announces Final Fight: Double Impact

9:30 PM on 11.30.2009 // Brad Nicholson

As reported, Final Fight and Magic Sword are heading to PSN and Xbox LIVE Arcade this April as part of a lone release called Final Fight: Double Impact. Publisher Capcom made it official-official in a press release blasted this afternoon.

Calloused thumbs may aid recalling what these two games are all about: moving from left to right while hitting people at the same time. How retro.

Most of the games’ content won’t be altered -- the descriptions in the press release feel familiar. The biggest change comes as an addition: online cooperative play, which will utilize the studio’s “GPPO” network tech. In a recent Capcom-Unity post, Capcom’s Seth Killian was rather high on GPPO, advising us all to check it out and “become a believer!” in its ability in bringing the arcade experience across the 'net.

New, toggle-able HD visuals rendered via Capcom’s engine as well a new soundtrack created by the composers who scored the Bionic Commando: Rearmed will be included in the package as well.

No word on pricing still, but do expect Final Fight: Double Impact April 2010. Long live Haggar!

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