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Call of Duty: Ghosts receiving eSports focused update

11:00 PM on 01.09.2014

Plus the next $1 million tournament announced

Call of Duty: Ghosts latest updates is all eSports focused. An upcoming update will restrict Ghillie suits, tracker sights, danger close, and disable third-person spectating in competitive rules. They will also add a kill feed to Broadcaster mode, and address the broadcaster mode stability.

There's several other fixes coming detailed on the Call of Duty forums, but the main highlight is the note that Infinity Ward is investigating the addition of Xbox One LAN support.

Which leads us right to the next announcement: the next Call of Duty Championships have been announced. The second annual tournament will see 32 Call of Duty teams from around the world competing for $1 million. The tournament takes place in Los Angeles March 28-30, and this time participants will be playing on the Xbox One. The tournament will be streamed on Xbox Live and on

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