*Bungie: Destiny on PS3, Xbox 360 will be fully featured
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Bungie: Destiny on PS3, Xbox 360 will be fully featured


'Fully committed to delivering our full vision for Destiny on every console we ship on.'

After its showing at the PS4 reveal, Bungie's Destiny is now one of the most anticipated titles for next-gen. In a fan Q&A, Bungie stated that current-gen versions, including PS3 and Xbox 360, will deliver the "full vision" of the game.

“We’ve been planning for multiple hardware platforms from the very beginning," community manager David Dague said, "and while we can’t get into the minute technical details of each console, we’re fully committed to delivering our full vision for Destiny on every console we ship on.”

In the early days of the PS3 and Xbox 360, one version always bogged down the other. PS2 textures were stretched for PS3, while frame rate dropped on Xbox games that the Xbox 360 ran just fine.

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So, it is precisely the "minute technical details of each console" that remains a concern and unanswered by Bungie. Nevertheless, it's good to know that the games won't be different in terms of content, or at least that's what this reply suggests.

Destiny will be a profoundly Bungie experience, no matter which platform you choose to play it on," Dague said. "It will be made better by the independent, but connected communities that rise up to support it and shape it and make it sing."

Bungie fan Q&A [via Videogaming247]


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