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Bulletstorm will look 'amazing' on PS3

9:20 AM on 12.09.2010 // Jim Sterling

Epic is known for working almost exclusively with the Xbox 360, so the legions of hardcore Sony lovers out there may be worried for the PS3 version of Bulletstorm. Don't worry though, because strong-thighed developer Clifford Bleszinski has promised the PS3 version will impress.

"When you see the game on PS3, you'll see the textures look crisp, the depth of field looks great, the particles look amazing," he says, "it will very much take advantage of what the PS3 is capable of."

PS3 versions of multiplatform games have had a rough history, with The Orange Box and Bayonetta remaining particularly notorious examples. It's sad that developers have started to feel the need to reassure PS3 fans every time they make a multiplatform game, but it's great to see that most of them are getting it right now.

Bulletstorm: Bleszinski promises solid PS3 performance [CVG]

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