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Bring your WoW character a reality: Your in-game avatar can now be a toy

9:54 AM on 12.13.2007 // Jim Sterling

I'm not a WoW player by any means, but this is still pretty cool news. A company is offering to make actual figures based on people's World of Warcraft characters that they can then buy. Since some players invest vast portions of their lives into their WoW avatars, I can see this one taking off quite a bit. From the company's site:

  • Select your character: Tell us your character name and realm and we will take a snapshot of your character as he/she appears on Blizzard Entertainment®'s Armory website.
  • Outfit your gear: We give you the option of outfitting any of the gear that you currently possess for that character. Pick and choose the gear that shows them at their most epic!
  • Order your FigurePrint: Then let us create your fully customized World of Warcraft® character replica using our 3D modeling and next-gen fabrication techniques.

You will then get your figured mailed in a glass clase for you to fawn over and cherish for the rest of your days. The offer, however, is somewhat limited. The deal is, you register with the Web site, then get entered into a draw. Winners will then be emailed a confirmation and can turn their sick elven dreams into a reality. So far only the US and Canada can take part, but Europe support should be coming in March 2008.

Oh, and there's one other catch -- this is going to set you back $99.95, plus $14.95 for shipping. Regardless, there are going to be many, many people with the dollars to throw around for this, and it is a genius idea.

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