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12:26 PM on 11.15.2007

These two games are the start of the holiday gaming rush (beside halo of course) and well it not looking good. First don't buy kane & lynch I have never been more angry about buying a game in till I brought this one. The story is crap and the game play sucks it just plan boring and some time it doesn't even work stay away from this game at all cost. Then comes Assassin's Creed well it not a bad game but it not as good as I thought. It like a medevil version of hitman now I happen to like hitman but it not that great of a game. What kinda help the game is how it looks take some time and wonder around the city and you know what I mean. Still it not a blockbuster game so I'm still waiting but luckily mass effect comes out next week please be good mass effect or might have to do the unthinkable and buy a wii to play the new Mario game

Yep it seems that people who are picking up halo in japan are also picking up thewii. This might help wii sales more then 360 sales in japan. This


11:11 AM on 09.24.2007

here is my reviews of halo 3 the game is looking good. It has a better storyline this time around that also help explain what happen in halo 2 The only problem I see with single player is that it only 10-15 hours but overall the single player has improved. The multiplayer is also looking good the new forge mode is looking good The game is looking as it could be it the running for game of the year I think it better then bioshock beacuse of it multiplayer (bioshock still has the better single player) The game look good not as good as gears but it not as bad as some people might make you
think (sony fanboys) so overall it takes what made halo 2 great and just makes it better I just hope that xbox live can hanlde everyone playing at once

The xbox was big and ugly and unless you like fps or mech games then you were s.o.l and that why it bomb in Japn and Europe and finish last in the last gen.Then comes the 360 with a new look and better library of games you would think it would do better. Well yes it seems that Europe has warmed up to the 360 but Japan still not a big fan of master chief.Even with a cheaper price point(then the us) and games like blue dragon and eternal sonata It seem japan just doesn't want the 360. Now coming
up on the third holiday season for the 360 I think it time for M$ to ask is it worth it to stay in japan. They just got a big deal with square enix which I think is microsoft only real hope in japan
and they do have ninja gaiden 2 but still I see it being very hard for the 360 to do anything in japan

Ninja gaiden 2 for the 360 at the Tokyo game show this year


It has been confirmed by Gamespot Korea that, Ninja Gaiden 2, the sequel to one of the most acclaimed titles on the original Xbox, will be publicly shown to the world for the first time at this years Tokyo Game Show.

This was confirmed by an insider in the Japanese gaming industry. According to the insider, the PS3 version of the game has not been confirmed at the moment, but the game will in fact be shown for the Xbox 360 system. He further states that, the game will be shown on the Xbox platform at TGS, because of the relationship with Microsoft and the developers.

However, there is a possibility that, the game will first be released for the Xbox 360 with a PS3 version following shortly. The industry insider also states that, this game is important to Microsoft because, it has potential to increase console sales in Japan.


It seems that on aug 8 the 360 will cut the price on the 360 but there is a rumor going around the internet's that it might only be the first of two price cuts. The other price cut (just a rumor) would take place in nov. Maybe around the time of mass effect