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12:26 PM on 11.15.2007

Assassin's Creed / kane&lynch

These two games are the start of the holiday gaming rush (beside halo of course) and well it not looking good. First don't buy kane & lynch I have never been more angry about buying a game in till I brought this one. The sto...   read

9:17 AM on 09.28.2007

Halo 3 help selling wii in japan

Yep it seems that people who are picking up halo in japan are also picking up thewii. This might help wii sales more then 360 sales in japan. This   read

11:11 AM on 09.24.2007

MY Halo 3 Review

here is my reviews of halo 3 the game is looking good. It has a better storyline this time around that also help explain what happen in halo 2 The only problem I see with single player is that it only 10-15 hours but overall ...   read

9:53 AM on 09.21.2007

Can the 360 ever do good in japan

The xbox was big and ugly and unless you like fps or mech games then you were s.o.l and that why it bomb in Japn and Europe and finish last in the last gen.Then comes the 360 with a new look and better library of games you w...   read

6:30 AM on 08.22.2007


Ninja gaiden 2 for the 360 at the Tokyo game show this year Quote: It has been confirmed by Gamespot Korea that, Ninja Gaiden 2, the sequel to one of the most acclaimed titles on the original Xbox, will be publicly shown t...   read

10:13 AM on 08.03.2007

(Rumor) 360 might have two price cuts this year

It seems that on aug 8 the 360 will cut the price on the 360 but there is a rumor going around the internet's that it might only be the first of two price cuts. The other price cut (just a rumor) would take place in nov. Maybe around the time of mass effect   read

6:17 PM on 07.31.2007


If you notices that only the Premium system got the 50 dollar it because according to the core model of the 360 might be no more.The premium and elite outsell the core anyway and with the 50 dollar price cut for the premium It seems that the core might be on it's last leg.   read

6:58 AM on 07.30.2007

Halo history coming to japan

Microsoft is going to release halo 1&2 in one game for japan to be called Halo History Pack and will be out in September   read

11:34 AM on 07.25.2007

Golden age of console gaming

I think that this generation of console could be the best in the history of gaming.With all of the console having an xbox arcade like service all of the greatest games from the past will soon be playable. All of the console h...   read

12:28 PM on 07.20.2007

Big upgrade for xbox live in october

Microsoft's representative at E3 in a press conference dedicated exclusively to details about live hinted of a major update coming this October to Xbox live. He stated that something really big would in store for October dashboard update.Reps said that it would be bigger than just a dashboard update - more on the scale of Video Marketplace "Huge". What does this mean maybe iptv ?   read

5:43 PM on 07.19.2007


who knew when the Ds was announced that it would outselling not just the psp but also the 360 ,ps3/and wii It just proves the golden rule of the video game business it not what the console can do but what games are on the console. Nintendo has had a firm grip on the hand held gaming market now for a long time now and now the Ds keeps Nintendo king of the hand held gaming for now   read

6:58 PM on 07.18.2007

Microsoft Scraps X07

ARON Greenberg group product manager for Xbox 360 and Xbox Live,says: "There is not a real X07 this year but think that they will figure out some way to talk about 2008 some time at a different event   read

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