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zombielover avatar 2:03 AM on 05.29.2013  (server time)
Zombie Battlefield, More than a Facebook Game

As I prepared to write this Zombie Battlefield review, lots of game titles crowd into my mind. Bubble Witch Sage, Plants vs Zombies, the Walking Dead…the game does, after all, blend various genres. I’m also amazed by how such a small game can combine so many elements but still remain so simple and unique.
It’s really a pleasant surprise to find the animation at the beginning of Zombie Battlefield; since as we all know, to start a game with a piece of well-made animation telling the story behind the game is quite common in video games, yet definitely not in facebook games. In despite of the lack of voiceover or sounds, the quality of the animation has exceeded my expectations for a facebook game.

Once I get into the game, my attention was captured by the arrogant, funny and smart zombies first. “Serve us dinner!”; “Run faster, live longer“; “Good news from Zombie Troopers! We've killed the stupid and fat human!”…See? That’s what the zombies think, which really makes me want to kill them.
Of course, the core, also the most interesting part of the game is killing zombies and how to kill zombies, which rightfully defines Zombie Battlefield as a strategic shooting game. At the beginning, all you can rely on is a Pressure Cooker Cannon and a Hand Grenade. But as you level up, you’ll get more powerful weapons and gears. Once your gears outnumber your gear slots, you’ll have to choose which gears to equip and which to put aside; that’s where the game becomes really strategic. Creative gear combinations will bring unexpected effects, which will save your bullets and get you a higher score. Using gears at the right time, bouncing bullets in a right angle like what we do in Bubble Witch Saga, and upgrading your force also have favorable effects on your scores.
As to pleasant surprises brought by Zombie Battlefield, how can we neglect the insane zombie-robbing fun? On the special coin levels in Zombie Battlefield, some zombies are bound with ties, vulnerable to attacks, perfectly “prepared” to be robbed.
There is also an Achievement System to reward and inspire better gaming performance in Zombie Battlefield. Over 50 titles are up for grabs and generous rewards are provided with each title.
Ultimately, Zombie Battlefield succeeds in bringing fresh and interesting gaming experiences. Its strategy nature adds more fun, yet also imposes more pressure on players unfamiliar with FPS or strategic games.
Pros: Well-made opening animation, interesting zombies, various weapons and gears with countless combination possibilities, a shocking encounter between Strategy and FPS, insane zombie-robbing fun for everyone, integral Achievement System with generous rewards

Cons: More intense and faster-paced than common casual flash games

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