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zombielifecoach avatar 5:14 PM on 03.01.2010  (server time)
A man. A first step. A blog.

Salutations and warmest greetings. I'm Zombielifecoach, or more simply, ZLC.

For some time now I have been lurking about in the C-Blogs. Like a Megan's Law offender with a pocket full of hard candies, today is the day I make my move and pounce on the 5-year old that is publicly expounding my thoughts. Like most things though, they must start somewhere. So for all intensive purposes this will be not only my intro, but my first foray into the fast-paced, unbridled world of excitement, that is blogging. That being said, let's give you a little background to break some of this ice...

By teenage standards, I am old. 34 to be specific. So many of my memories have become nothing more than foggy gray-washed lapses. I can't quite remember when I started gaming. Twas as a child though. I do remember playing Oregon Trail in school on a Commadore 64, and being utterly blown away. "I'm trading pemmican with indians! This is unreal!", I thought. Not soon after, my family sold the dog and we purchased the cherry-wood marvel that was the Atari 2600. I played it incessantly. I chewed the rubber joystick cover into a point. It became my best(and only) friend. Through high school, like many of us, systems and games came and went. Bard's Tale on the Amiga, The Super NES changed my life. Interspersed with video games, there was some AD&D(D&D was for the plebes), under aged drinking, possibly some usage of illicit substances, and the eventual graduation from boyhood to manhood. Having spent the predominance of my time, wasting time, I had absolutely no worthwhile job skills. So I joined The Marines.

Maybe there's a better option. Let's enlist today!

The next 10 years were a blur of events. I moved away from home and married. Deployed all over the world. Saw things blow up. Lived the type of life I now play in video games. My every life kind of became a Modern Warfare, without all the flame-baiting, or overt use of non-heterosexual double entendre. Got divorced, made some decisions about where my life was going and ended up retiring, before I met rather graphic demise. So walked away from it all, sojourning towards new horizons...

Less of this.

Life was pretty much crap. I was miserable. Unemployed. Regretting my decisions. Everything got real silly. I was trapped in a voracious, all-consuming lifestyle of drinking, partying, sex, and animal porn. Okay, maybe it wasn't all that bad. But I had no idea what the Hell I was going to do with myself. I remember just playing PS2 all day and night. Then one day I realized, what's wrong with this as a life? From that day on video games became my saving grace. XBox, PS3, 360, Wii. Like ladies of the evening they entered my life and I was fulfilled!

More of this.

So along came the Summer of '09. I found Destructoid. I camped out around the home pages like a homeless man around a city steam vent. In September, I meandered into the Forums, and have been a post contributor, God-Tier spammer ever since. While I am sure there are days Technophile, the other Mods, and many members would rather see me take a long walk off a short pier instead of logging on. Everyone there has become incredibly important to my every day. But Human Nature is fond of progression, so blogging will hopefully be my next step in becoming a more involved part of Destructoid.

That is where things stand now. I'm hoping that I can enlighten with my musings on the minutiae that is in my head. At bare minimum, entertain with my mental introspections. Thank you for reading this. Critique if you'd like. Hope this works out for all of us.


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