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zomB Eter avatar 1:04 PM on 10.18.2007

So the other night I'm playing halo 3 and I seem to be having a semi-tuff time ranking up past 34. I started thinking what would help me, I am already in my rocker gamer chair a total of 14 inches away from the t.v, got my monster and vodka drink all iced up and ready on the right, sunflower seeds and a spit cup on the left, surround sound up to volume 30. O shit duh! I need Metal! you cant beat a55 in teh haloz w/0 da metalz.(gay) So i loaded up machine head latest album, and started to make a custom soundtrack. Here's what I got so far.

machine head- Aesthitics of hate, Wolves

meshuggah- New millennium cyanide christ, I, rational gaze, Future breed machine(regular or mayhem version), and of course Aztec two-step

Devil driver- End of the line, Grinfucked, Hold back the day, Just run, Not all who wonder are lost, Bound by the moon, Horn of betrayal, T

Byzantine- Justicia, Taking up serpents, Red neck war, Pity None, Salem ark

Demon Hunter- The flame that guides us home, Not I, Snap your fingers snap your neck, Not ready to die, Beheaded

Anything I forgot? killer tracks I need! drop me a line and tell me what to add.

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