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zgerhard avatar 9:43 PM on 01.31.2009  (server time)
Ubisoft goes racist with its Imagine franchise

Ubisoft is spearheading its own mission to subtly put certain members of certain ethnic backgrounds in the correct place in society. Don't believe me yet? Check this picture:

Nintendo and the developers for its DS and Wii system have already made plentiful games that should be shelved under "jokes" and buried in the desert with E.T., but as I browsed my local Game Shop's DS section and saw these Imagine games all lined up, one very sad realization struck me. It was plain as day that Ubisoft does not like girls who are not white.

Of course, all the girls are happy in those pictures. Why shouldn't they? They are all fulfilling their dreams - designing clothes, being a glamorous figure skater, being a master chef at a top notch restaurant, rocking out like the pussycat dolls, and being a noble addition to society by teaching kids. Oh, and then there's the hispanic/black minority who is babysitting all these glamorous white girls' kids (who will, no doubt, grow up to be entitled brats).

I thought shovelware was bad, but some congressman should probably throw out some warning signs, hire a hardened lawyer, or hell, at least issue some kind of petition to try to stop this blatant racism on the cover of videogames!

Who's with me?

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