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zeroduality avatar 3:50 PM on 08.03.2010  (server time)
Dead Rising: Why does Everybody Love It?

I know, I know. This game is like a million years old and no longer relevant but when it first came out it was such a big deal. I never knew why but i just accepted it.

I bought the game in the beginning of the year along with DMC 4 and Lost Planet: Colonies Edition. They were being sold as a Capcom Triple Pack. it seemed like a good deal at the time. I beat DMC 4 not too long after i got it and then attempted to play Lost Planet and didnt really like it. It wasnt like i hated the game, it just didnt catch my attention.

I eventually forgot that i had dead rising and basically ignored it like it was a neglected housewife. That is until recently when i got bored of all my games and rediscovered it. I figured "hey what the shit, ill give it a try".

.....Why the fuck did i even bother?

This game is such a giant piece of crap, it made soulja boys anime rap seem decent.

Horrible, But not as bad as Dead Rising

I played for maybe 20 minutes before i literally popped the disk out and tossed it into my hallway like a frisbee The controls are clunky, the camera is never positioned properly and the weapons dont do shit to the zombies.

I just want to know what the big deal with this game is. Why do so many people love it? Is it maybe that im playing it wrong or perhaps its the "Napoleon Dynamite" thing were everybody tries to pretend they like it to be one of the cool kids.

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