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zell avatar 1:44 AM on 03.09.2008  (server time)
I won the local gamestop brawl tourney

I have been a long time reader of Destructoid and never really decided to blog until now. I think this is worthy of a blog post.

My Trophy

On friday around noon I got a call from my friend. He informed he that he had received a copy of Brawl early and that he wanted to invite me over for some 1 on 1. I gladly accepted. During my lunch break at work, decided to shoot over to gamestop to preorder a copy of SSBB and sign up for the tournament. After work I went over my friend's to play Brawl until early saturday morning. The game is pure amazing, gameplay is totally slowed down compared to SSBM. It really takes a lot of raw skill and timing. Not just wave-dashing and neutral A's.

Saturday morning: Tournament day. I was so excited I could hardly sleep. I woke up around 8:30 AM and immediately drove over to my friend's place to get some more practice in. Sometime in the early afternoon I decided that I was going to play Ike in the tournament.

By the time the tournament started, it was 10 PM and 46 people showed up (not including people who were there to pick up their copy of brawl). The store that I attended played with the rules of 2 minute rounds no items or smash balls (thank god).

My friend and I waiting for it to start.

I pretty much breezed through the competition of Metaknights and Pits (why does everyone play these characters?). The finals played with modified time limit: 5 minutes. My opponent and I went back in forth with frags for the first 4 minutes. The last minute I went up by 2 and clinched the victory. The tournament ended around 1 AM. I got a sweet trophy and a free copy of the game (they refunded my preorder money :D ).

Next week I go back to the same store for the district finals. I will post updates after next week's tournament.


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