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Tales of Etrian Odyssey

I started playing EO again to take a break from Final Fantasy CC My Life as a King because that was taking up way too much of my time. Unfortunately, EO is just as addictive and I can't stop playing it once I start. Hopefu...


Frack Frack FRACK PSP

After hearing the announcement of a PSP slim as well as reading some reviews of Jeanne D'Arc, I thought, "There! There's my reason to finally own a PSP." So yesterday, I went over to Best Buy, a Target print-out in hand and...


Bioshock Impressions

I left work early, carrying my collector's edition Bioshock case with me out to my bike. My boss remarked, "I didn't know you were THAT much of a geek. Collector's edition. Pah!" I wasn't embarassed though. The Mr. Bubbles f...


Bioshock Demo: It's GOOD!

After however many hours it took to download the Bioshock demo, I finally got some time to sit down and play it. Holy crap, graphics have come a long way! What a brilliant idea, starting the game off with the player in the w...


Can't we all just get along?

I was playing Shadowrun last night and got put onto a team with some chatty-cathy. I can't emphasize this enough: Xbox Live is NOT IRC. If you want to talk about yourself, go take it elsewhere. I just want to hear things ab...


Stop Talking to Me When I Play!

One of my pet peeves is people talking to me while I'm playing any type of twitch-reaction game like an FPS. I don't mind people saying things over Xbox Live that are useful like, "Hey, I'm coming up behind you" or "The arti...


Explaning an RPG

I like playing RPGs and I like watching people play RPGs, but I don't like explaining RPGs to people who don't know what the three letters even stand for. It's not that I'm impatient. It's just that I've done it so many tim...


The joys of Xbox Live

Although I do enjoy complaining about Microsoft a whole lot, I was excited when I got a 360 for my birthday. (Thank you BF). Finally, I get to see what the whole fuss is all about, I thought. Fortunately, I got a review copy...


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