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12:08 AM on 01.20.2012

Andrew's Game Display

As a Video Gamer there is always something to learn within the industry, and so much we can share with each other, A good friend of mine collected Games, consoles, and accessories for years Since grade 6, now all of those years have fully paid off and he has launched an account on youtube also known as Andrew's Game Display, He has committed into this channel and brings out multiple videos weekly of his ridiculous video game collection.

His goal for this channel is simple really, to show off specific games, consoles, and accessories with detailed history, From the box of the product all the way to how it looks on the screen It is a great channel to visit if you are a gamer and it definitely deserves more recognition for the amount of hard work That he has and will put in for his viewers, You guys simply cannot miss this.   read

2:30 PM on 01.18.2011

Ode to Minecraft

So January is giving us a hard time here in Canada with unmerciful winds, But Atleast I have A creeper in the front of my house.

Good thing my house was built before it got here.


7:28 PM on 09.20.2010

Duke Nukem forever Preorder

Well here we are 13 years have passed, and now we can all finally enjoy Duke Nukem at his finest.
(well at least the remaining fans)

after hearing the news that Gearbox was taking over the project and it is finally coming out next year I realized that maybe the Pre-order would be here soon, of course I marched down to the closest EB games to find out they didn't quite have them yet "try again middle September" and so here we are September 20th 2010. I got my Golden ticket.

Hopefully some of you old duke fans gained a little more faith after these news, and hopefully bring duke back to being the king of the world. (like he once was)

I'm sorry for the picture being so humongous.   read

8:33 PM on 03.29.2010

Megaman appearance in farmville

I decided to create such magnificent masterpiece, unfortunately they had no darker blue which has been replaced with that gray. Oh well enjoy. btw sorry about the withered crops haven't gotten around to fix em.


5:56 PM on 03.23.2010

Just cause 2 review.

Once again these pre-orders are pissing me off, I always have to walk to the local EB games and it's either super cold or rainy, That's Canada.

Anyways I seem to have been playing Just cause 2 for the last couple of hours and seriously It is a BIG step up from the first one, they really fixed up most of the problems that the first one had and I was beyond pleased of the finishing product.

A little recap of the story line is you are Rico Rodriguez (typical south american name) He is a special ops trying to hunt down the man that trained him become the man he is today, simply because his trainer went Rogue. Pretty simple right?

Now for the controls you gotta play around with for a while it's certainly nothing you can just pick up and play of course it has it's own creative way to use the controller (in my case the ps3 controller) Now once you get used to the controls which really take no time, all it takes is to remember the buttons to hijack and do stunt positions because trust me there is going to be times when you are gonna have to think fast about these controls.

Now the story line is nothing we were all looking for in this game, as of how far I am right now it's not as strong as other bigger titles, It's just you're typical Desperado movie with a little bit of Enrique Inglesia and Che Guevara, you probably thought I was gonna say Antonio Banderas.

Many people that were anticipated by this game was simply because of the ridiculous stunts you can perform such as managing to stand on top of a jeep while it's flying out of control and grappling to a helicopter that has been spraying bullets at you for the last 5 minutes, that's something I actually wanted to talk about the Grappling hook.

The Grappling hook is you're best friend through this game, It can be you're Vehicle (sort of) It can be you're weapon, and it is also great to pull other vehicles while it is attached to the vehicle you are currently driving, what catched my eye about this game was not only the Dual Grappling hook, but also that there are absolutely no boundaries to where you want to grapple, you can grapple to anything you want just aim and shoot, Big changes are the fact that the hook is not used as a single weapon anymore It is a gauntlet on you're left arm that by simply pressing one of the triggers you activate it, And as for the Dual Grappling, I have never had so much fun seeing an enemy flying around screaming while he is attached to a propane tank.

The only bad thing I think this game has is the Driving mechanics, It's really loose and when I'm driving I spin like a mad man, I could see myself choosing the Gta 4 driving over this one, But I guess they are right about the whole "choose the right car for right environment" Physics they explained.

If I were to give this game a rating it would be an 8/10 simply the story line is nothing worth telling you're mom about, and there are small control problems that will make you just feel a little bit frustrated. But just a little bit. The combat is simply a blast and the map is just too humongous for me to even talk about it, BUT HELL I RECOMMEND THIS. Simply a must have if you LOVE sandbox games. No doubt about it.

P.S: Pre-order this game in gamestop or ebgames and you get the signature weapon from the original game and a monster truck. It is probably the most biggest cheapest and strongest revolver I have used in a video game, I think it might be because it is upgraded to the max.   read

11:02 PM on 03.09.2010

Half-Life gets a Flashback Tribute

A great Machinima that seems to make me want to play the half life series all over again.
The whole machinima stands on half-life 2 episode 2 when Eli breaks the news about the Gman of course This is not completed withought a good case of... Nostalgia.

[embed]166416:28122[/embed]   read

9:59 PM on 02.13.2010

R.O.B fully functional Demonstration.

A good friend of mine has had a R.O.B for a while, So we Decided to give the old boy a little run to see If he can still dance like he did back in 1987, we had a blast with this accessory even after 20 years, this toy amuses me, even though I'm not 20.

[embed]163631:27407[/embed]   read

1:38 PM on 10.15.2009

The victory of the Gordon Freeman.

as many of you know gamespot was running a contest of the All time greatest video game hero, of course there were some very stiff competitions, but of course there was only one man I could vote for, The Freeman, of course since the repeated years of the same characters winning the same competitions, over and over again, I kind of gave up on them, but when I saw Gordon Freeman beat solid snake just by a few votes, there was something wrong in here, after that victory Gordon moved to fight against link, which was not an easy fight, link fanboys were raging and getting cocky, you know what? that was kind of delicious, but OUT OF THE BLUE, Valve came out with a propaganda to support Gordon, to absolutely every single steam user, this is when the game suddenly changed, link was beaten by more than 11,000 votes, when this happend, I finally came up with the conclusion that maybe Gordon has a small chance against mario's crazy fanbase, It was 6 long days of hardcore fighting. Well guess what? today at 3:00 the Victory was set, Gordon Freeman has won the Contest of the All time Greatest Game Hero. I am trully happy and I'm sure the whole steam community that made the whole change happen is pretty happy also, we have defeated the man that's who's name represents the definition of Video gaming. well It was mostly the war of fan bases but I think It was time for a little change.

I hope for more victories to come.   read

6:49 PM on 08.14.2009

I got Wolfenstein 3

since I live in Canada there is a little store called Zellers that had it early I didn't know about it until my friend called me and told me of this news, I rushed to the store not knowing how much money I had so of course that caused some money problems, so I went back around six and got it, I have been waiting for a while for this game, I am quite exited what this wolfenstein is gonna offer. I know it may not be hard to believe of course that I have before most people that preordered it in gamestop or ebgames that is suppose to come out this Tuesday but hey might as well post about it.

what I find hilarious of this game is that it still offers us the good old wolfenstein 3d difficulties, you know...

Can I play daddy?

don't hurt me

Bring em on

I Am death incarnate!

may all of those who get it enjoy it!

6:48 PM on 06.29.2009

Super Mario Omega Trailer

A long time Ago I had an "Interview" with specialist Higsby I did a little blog about it also not too long ago, just take a look at it if interested, he was working on a new super mario hack so called the super mario omega, through the years of development he had to take some brakes and could not work on it last summer, but now It's full speed ahead with this brand new hack, I will make sure to play this in it's release date, there are specific levels that I am very interested and looking forward to play them, so here it is the Super Mario Omega trailer...


for more information or questions about this hack please follow this website   read

9:07 PM on 06.17.2009



the brand new game 3d realms and 2k just announced, 2k agreed to finish the funding so we will get duke nukem forever, and DUKE NUKEM ORIGINS, the story of how the king became to be what he is now... ok so maybe I'm a bad liar so what? atleast this will bring a smile to you're face from 3drealms big screw ups, but yet again they are not out of business and DNF hasn't been cancelled, Always bet on duke. :) you are probably wondering how I made this... probably not but I'll tell you anyways, I used cutscenes from saint's row 2. :D awesome game.

so yea this little trailer that I made is fake but it's pretty amazing.   read

10:06 PM on 05.08.2009


is this it 3d realms? is this the last im gonna be seeing of you? are you just gonna say goodbye? just like that and leave? you were my childhood, my life, you were all I knew about video games, I grew up with the KING! and now out of nowhere you are just gonna burst out of every single person that loved you or worked with you, I can understand this was all "money" trouble but it's funny how money can destroy something that I was attached with for so long, goodbye 3drealms I will always remember you as that company that reminded me what games were trully about, but now what's gonna happen with the game that most duke fans waited for? after 13 years? duke nukem forever... well I guess we better tune next time and wait for someone to buy the rights to duke nukem probably the 2k forums are being flodded with cries of help from 3drealm fans asking them for help.

Goodbye 3drealms to some people you are just another gameing company but for me, and every other duke fan you are what got us into video gameing to us you are still a running company :D

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