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ToW (Time of WoWkillers)

Every MMO needs a goal. Whether all the drones at the screens realize it or not there is a status MMOs want and need to achieve. WoW redefined this as EQ did before. People do not exclaim “it’s better than EverQuest!” or “why...


MMO Killed the RPG Star

An older entry I made a while back, revised and edited a bit just for your loving eyes! Pretty good I think. MMOs tend to make me as sad about gaming as they make me addicted to their systems. I don't know why stupid cliches ...


StillLiving... via copypasta.

Well, since I like a lot of different site and their communities, I am going to use my blogspot blog as my main and either link to that whenever I make an entry or just copy that mess over to each of my community bloods, woot...


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