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9:09 AM on 12.11.2008

Snake360 Holiday Contests!

Snake360 Holiday Contests! $450 in prizes to be given away!

We're giving away Xbox LIVE subscriptions and Microsoft Points to a few select gamers who demonstrate some amazing skills, outlast the competition, and wow us with their Battle Mode experiences!

Snake360 is a true gamers' game, where the most skilled come away with high scores, and the players that don't measure up come away with nothing. The unlockable difficulties get ruthless and the challenge is fierce. This game will not roll over and die for you...lives are limited and there are no continues! Can you rise to the challenge? Or, can you show us an entertaining video of your Battle Mode experiences? If so, you could come away with some great prizes! We're actually running three separate contests, so grab that Xbox 360 Controller on Tuesday, December 9th and get busy! The contest entry deadline is Sunday, January 11th, 2009.

Contest I: Race to Fanatic
1st Place: 4000 Microsoft Points & 13-month Xbox Live Gold subscription ($100 value)
2nd Place: EITHER 4000 MSP OR 13-month Xbox Live Gold subscription ($50 value)
3rd Place: 1600 Microsoft Points ($20 value)

The hardest Goal on the Goal Board is called "Fanatic," and its requirement is to raise your total single-player Clear Rate to 90% or higher. Can you finish 90% of Snake360?

Now I know what some of you may be thinking. "It's just a snake game. I should be able to get to 100% in an hour, right?" Think again. An hour's not even enough time to play all of the game's levels...three hours is more like it, and that's assuming you don't crash. At all!

To even raise the Clear Rate beyond 60%, you will need to clear at least some of the 8-stage courses without losing any lives. Doing this will get you access to the course's Extra Stages, but if you want the maximum points possible, you'll need to clear those without crashing as well!

If you can do this on the majority of the game's courses, you *might* be able to achieve 90%. But it's only going to get harder as the difficulty increases! Are your skills enough? Can you do it?

If you're the first to reach "Fanatic" status, you'll win a whopping 4000 Microsoft Points, 13 months of Xbox LIVE Gold, and of course, bragging rights! The second to achieve this will receive their choice of EITHER 4000 Microsoft Points OR 13 months of Xbox LIVE Gold. The third to unlock "Fanatic" will score 1600 Microsoft Points. You'll need to submit proof of your accomplishment; see the Rules section below for more details.

Contest II: Survivor Challenge
Two 1st Place prizes: EITHER 4000 MSP OR 13-month Xbox Live Gold subscription ($50 value each)
Two 2nd Place prizes: 1600 Microsoft Points ($20 value each)
Two 3rd Place prizes: 1600 Microsoft Points ($20 value each)

Snake360's Survival Mode contains some of the game's greatest challenges. With just one chance, how long can you last? How high of a score can you earn? Can you outlast and outscore everyone else?

We're running contests for both Best Time and Highest Score. You'll have to perform as well as possible on three different levels--Four Walls, The Crossing and Three Lanes--and submit your results to the Snake360 Internet Ranking. At the end of the contest, your times and scores will be added together, and the players with the longest combined times and highest combined scores will come away the winners!

If you place first, you'll win your choice of EITHER 4000 Microsoft Points OR 13 months of Xbox LIVE Gold! Second and third place will each receive 1600 Microsoft Points! Prizes for Best Time and Highest Score will be separate, so there'll be a total of six winners! Some restrictions do apply, so see the Rules section below for more details.

Contest III: Battle Video Exhibition
1st Place: 4 x 1600 Microsoft Points ($80 value)
Runner-Up: 1600 Microsoft Points ($20 value)

Snake360's Battle and Suffocation Battle modes can lead to shouting, screaming, wild expressions and exclamations, and of course, pure fun with your friends! Now is your chance to capture some of that on camera!

Simply record a video of you and your friends (or enemies, or family, or anyone else) playing either of Snake360's Battle modes, and upload it to YouTube when you're finished. Then, on the Snake360 Forums, post the address of your video in the designated thread. After the contest end date, a panel of judges will watch all of the submitted videos. If yours is the most entertaining, you'll win four 1600 Microsoft Points cards! A runner-up video will also be chosen, and the person who submitted it will receive 1600 Microsoft Points.

There are big prizes to be won, so grab your controller, download Snake360 if you haven't already, and get to it! Good luck and have fun!

For more information and complete rules, please visit
To download Snake360 to your Xbox 360 automatically, go here.   read

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