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Got my start at the rip old age of nine with my first game and console, Mario 64 on the N64! Since then I've dabbled in just about every console that has been made, a nes and supernes (to discover what i had missed out on) have had a ps2 (and returned it), a dreamcast (that burnt rings in my games), an xbox since launch (that got upgraded to a 360), and a wii (which i had to sit through the cold hours of the night in a frigid Iowa to purchase on launch morning). Gameboys all the way up to my pearly white DS, and no i don't play pokemon. I made the investment and bought a PS3 this summer. Ask me about it and most likely i've played it, except for sports games. I suck at madden and get pissed off when balls fly through hands.

I'm into almost every type of game except sports games. But I choose to do my research and buy games that are only worth my time. That or a I wait until they are in the bargain bin. I love to marathon my new games and switch up what i'm playing everyonce in a while.

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(Quick Note) This is my first review so we are gonna see how it goes. I've been a member for a little while now and haven't contributed that much to the community, shame on me i know, but i'm here mostly to read the articles and laugh at jim. (Another Note) I don't have a camera right now, and don't want to take to much time stealing pics as i don't have much time. (note to previous note) And even if I did have the time I would probably fuck up the photos anyway. (side note) YES, LONG POST IS LONG.

I have been excited for Fallout 3 for a long time. Since it was first announced. I had never played the previous Fallouts but since it was being done by Bethesda it was a game I needed to own. Upon hearing about this new game I immediately do what any good gamer does and went back and bought the previous games. While I enjoyed playing them, I found that I didn't have the time to get very far and get to the real meat of the game. I was disappionted in myself, but I got a feel for what the game was like and enjoyed the style of the game and the satirical humor that was associated with it.

My first dilemma with the game came with which copy to purchase. 360 or ps3. I debated for about an hour and then finally came to the conclusion to get it for ps3 as I have hdmi for that. I'm sure it wouldn't make that much of a difference, but it comforted me. I was a little worried about bugs that always seem to appear in ps3 games, but i took the dive and am happy with my purchase, it's just to bad i'm missing out on dlc.


First things first, or this might be the forth thing, but i'm gonna get the technical difficulties out of the way. With a game this size comes bugs, and there certainly are a good amount of them. Saying that none of them really took away from the experience I enjoyed. I encountered an interesting one within the first five minutes of gameplay though that really turned me off. Apparently you aren't supposed to steal Butch's chair, once i did I was locked into position with the game not triggering the G.O.A.T test! Needless to say I say that for more than a few minutes wondering what was wrong. Fortunately it was nothing a quick save and load couldn't fix. Many more bugs are encountered with the VATS feature. Often times camera angles will be obscured by different environmental objects and makes for some interesting shots. I ran into a couple of quest bugs too, people not showing up when they should or taking an excessively long time to do so, but like I said before, these small annoyances were nothing to pull me away from the meat of the game!


And when it comes to meat in the game, there is plenty, when it comes to the literal aspect and in relation to the story. The gameplay in Fallout is very similar to oblivion, but very different too. The first person perspective is the go to perspective in the game. Playing in Third person forces you to watch shotty animations and play with inaccurate aim. While it is nice for looking at your character and seeing some of the environment, the third person perspective was pretty useless. But in first person the game plays well, guns feel like they have the right amount of heft to them and definitely adds to the excitement of shoot outs. The VATS is amazing for the first half of the game, but then once you find a good weapon and your character is has got some skill I found that headshots ended battle in mere seconds. Once this happened I found my self switching to a lesser weapon and aiming at certain body parts. Don't get me wrong though, I think that the VATS is a great piece of the game and certainly makes for cinematic game play and some awesome kills. Some may call me sick, but I'm a fan of dismemberment in games and Fallout certainly provides in that department.

The story in fallout is completely new and independent of the previous games the exception being it is post-nuclear war title, but that's kind of a given. The story telling is top notch for a fps. I specify because it isn't great compared to an RPG, but is definitely good for an fps. The main quest does a good job of mixing up the missions and providing you with new and interesting areas to explore. The only grip I have with it was that it seemed short. I know that I skipped a little bit of the story by accident, but I am pretty sure I didn't spend more than 10 or 12 hours on the main mission, which i found a little disappointing. Before i knew what happened I had beat the game and was rolling through the credits.

Final thoughts

All in all Fallout 3 is a topnotch game from people who i love (Bethesda). It provides plenty of variety and fun gameplay to make you play through time and time again. There are a few bugs, but nothing unforgivable. This game was made for people like me who are into sci-fi or apocalyptic future stories and I would recommend this as an immediate addition to your game library.

I'm giving Fallout3: 9.3 Cockslaps out of 10
(Incase you don't know, the higher the cockslaps the better, 10 being the best)

9:29 PM on 10.21.2007

Alright, so some how I start to think about shows that I used to watch back in the 90's, I remember a few of them, Sliders, SeaQuest... but now I've got one stuck in my head that I can't find the damn name too! This is what I remember of it:

There are a colony of humans who are on earth or some earth-like planet, and they live in these kinda bubble house things that look like giants tits. And I remember there being this really smart or really retarded kid, that was special for some reason... and then there were these alien creatures that would come up from underground and were tall as shit, but they were friendly tall as shit alien creatures.
That's about all I can come up with. I know it was aired about 1994-95, about the same time as SeaQuest.

Any one know the name?

So I'm sitting at my house bored out of my mind because I don't have my 360 or wii with me. i made the dumbass mistake of sending them to college early. I figured, "Heh, I don't need it untill school starts, that's when all the good games are coming out anyways" FUCKING WRONG! Now BioShock is coming out tom. and I don't have anything to play it on! I'm gonna go buy it for sure, but all I can do is read the instruction manual and proceed to drool. Normally this wouldn't bother me that much since most of my friends have 360's as well but they are all gone too, so I'm shit out of luck! I now feel for anyone who has ever received those taunting red lights.

Moral of the story kiddies, don't ever let your xbox leave your side!