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yourfriendawk's blog

10:21 AM on 11.05.2008

My life Nuked (Fallout 3 Review, may contain fact it will contain spoilers so if you haven't played the game through do it now)

(Quick Note) This is my first review so we are gonna see how it goes. I've been a member for a little while now and haven't contributed that much to the community, shame on me i know, but i'm here mostly to read the articles ...   read

9:29 PM on 10.21.2007

Name the Retro-Show!

Alright, so some how I start to think about shows that I used to watch back in the 90's, I remember a few of them, Sliders, SeaQuest... but now I've got one stuck in my head that I can't find the damn name too! This is what I...   read

11:06 AM on 08.20.2007

Biggest Mistake of My life!

So I'm sitting at my house bored out of my mind because I don't have my 360 or wii with me. i made the dumbass mistake of sending them to college early. I figured, "Heh, I don't need it untill school starts, that's when all t...   read

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